Common Post-Production Tasks for Digital Video Producers

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Fix It In Post

Post-production is where a film really comes together, and the amount of work that must be done is as diverse as any area of production. During this process the producer is still the ringleader; helping coordinate all aspects of the film. Though positions and specified tasks are fluid and subject to change, there are still some producer tasks that are common among most productions.


It is important for the producer to consult with the editor on several occasions. They are not as involved with this process as the director, but they still need to have an open communication with them. They have to be able to explain some of the expectations of the production, what it should look like, and what plans there are for it later. The same should go with the musical director or score composer, but the interaction is not as detailed as with the director.

Director’s Cut

One of the most important tasks for the producer is to look over the director’s cut of the film. This is where you can make suggestions, give notes, and talk about the practical considerations for the film. This is one of the areas where the producer and director may have to compromise on disagreements over the final film. After that is done the final cut of the film will get produced, and the producer must be there to approve that as well.


The producer may have to act as a supervisor for a number of departments. This can include sound, music, and dialogue looping sessions. They essentially make sure everything stays on track in terms of budget and overall vision.

Film Print

Once this is done they must oversee the printing of the film, making sure it maintains standards for sale and distribution. They will then consult on distribution and marketing plans, making sure that it all stays within the model they approved in pre-production.


The producer has more authority overall in a film, even though the director makes most of the creative decisions. Take every aspect of post-production into consideration and keep a close eye on every thing that happens.