iMovie Tutorial: iMovie Problems & Solutions

iMovie Tutorial: iMovie Problems & Solutions
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iMovie Tutorial: Fixing iMovie Issues

iMovie is a Mac software program that allows you to add effects and audio to your movies, and you can also use this program to make trailers. Some people, however, run into problems with iMovie that keep them from starting or finishing a project. If you have experienced problems with iMovie, don’t immediately decide that you need a new program. There are some easy fixes to commonly experienced iMovie problems.

iMovie Running Slow

If iMovie is running slow, then it may actually have nothing to do with the program itself. iMovie is a large program that requires a lot of memory to operate. If you have plenty of other programs open, close them. Next, try defragmenting your hard drive to free up some memory.

If that doesn’t work, then you may just not have enough memory on your computer to run this program. Read how much memory space that the program requires and check your system to see if you have that much memory available. You will have to upgrade your computer if you don’t have enough available free space. Or, you can look for a program that doesn’t require as much memory as iMovie.

iMovie may also run slow if you’ve added a lot of third-party plug-ins. While the developers created these plug-ins specifically for iMovie, certain ones cause issues with the program. If you checked your memory, and everything seems OK, try uninstalling a few of these plug-ins, especially Flip4Mac, QuickTime add-ons and 3ivx. After you remove these plug-ins, restart iMovie, and see if it runs any faster.

Creating DVDs

Another issue that people run into is that their system crashes when they try to create a DVD using the iDVD feature. This feature is found under the Share menu. Usually, you won’t have a problem with shorter movies, but you may have an issue when trying to convert larger movies.

Sometimes, this has to do with your available RAM and the type of Mac that you are using. If you are experiencing this issue, simply bypass the iDVD feature in iMovie. Just close out iMovie, and then go into iDVD directly. Open up your movie, and convert it directly in iDVD.

Exporting Movies

Many iMovie users also have trouble exporting their movie. For some reason, certain people will get audio playing over other tracks after they export iMovie movie. Again, the first thing that you want to do is check your available disk space if you have 10GB or less of free space, then that’s the problem.

If you have enough disk space, then try running the Repair permissions feature. Then, go back into iMovie, and create a new project. Then, open up your old movie, and copy and paste it into the new project. Exit from iMovie, and open your movie. Try watching to see if the problem was corrected.


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