Short Film Grants - Making Your Dreams a Reality with a Film Grant

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Rooftop Filmmakers’ Grants

Rooftop Films in conjunction with the Chicken and Egg Fund provides short film grants to women filmmakers. Women filmmakers who are either emerging or experienced can apply for the grant. The filmmaker’s short film must express a social justice issue. Short films are usually 15 to 30 minutes in length and filmmakers must stick to that requirement. The grant winner will be awarded $6,000 in grant funds to complete their short film. The winner will also receive 10 hours of mentorship from a veteran filmmaker and collaboration with a filmmaker. Filmmakers can complete an application to be considered for the grant.

Rooftop Films also has another short film grant that is separate from the The Chicken and Egg Fund. This grant program awards funds to filmmakers every year. The Rooftop Films short film grant’s main priority is to give short films the attention they deserve. Rooftop Films realizes that film festivals may not give a short film the acknowledgment it deserves, so they strive to make short films their number one focus. Short films that have been screened at Rooftop Films are automatically considered for the short film grant. Grant winners will be awarded $3,000 to perfect their short film or to complete a new project. Filmmakers can complete an application to be considered for a short film grant.

The applications for both film grant programs can be found online. Supplemental information, such as writing and visual samples may be required. Visual samples may consist of previous short video projects. Filmmakers can verify what samples they need to send by going on the website.

CTV Television’s Bravo!FACT

CTV Television’s Bravo!Fact (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) awards short film grants to projects made in Canada. This foundation strives to increase the public profile of Canadian artists and the films they create. Short films can be on a variety of subjects, such as drama, fiction, non-fiction, animation, opera and modern dance films. Emerging, as well as veteran filmmakers are encouraged to apply.

Since its inception in 1995, the Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent has awarded tens of millions of dollars in short film grants to deserving filmmakers. Filmmakers who have been awarded the grant in the past has had the opportunity to gain recognition in other film and television markets. The short film grants can go up to $25,000. The grant can cover short films that are in pre-production or in the editing stage. Bravo!FACT’s website displays the deadlines for the spring, summer and fall. Filmmakers who are interested in the grant program can complete an application online. While completing the application, filmmakers need to provide supplemental information. The supplemental information may include an essay and work samples, such as previous video projects.

New York Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting - Film Grants

The New York Mayor Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting has various film grant programs dedicated to the residents of New York. New York is a prime location for shooting short and feature films and it is a great place to break into the world of filmmaking. There are many non-profit organizations under the Mayor’s Office umbrella that focuses solely on short film grants. Filmmakers can submit any type of short film, from drama to experimental.

This film grant program has awarded over $11 million dollars in funds and the individual prizes are different amounts, based on the particular program. Emerging and veteran filmmakers are encouraged to apply. Filmmakers can obtain an application online and complete it with the necessary information. An essay and various work samples may be required. It is recommended that interested filmmakers review the New York Mayor’s Office website for more detailed information.