Film Production Jobs: Film Producer Annual Salary

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Money Makers

In the world of film production, the above-the-line positions are usually interpreted as making the most money. This means that they will often take a part in profit sharing for the film and they are in charge of coordinating the film as a whole. At the very top of this pyramid, both in terms of finances and control, lies the producer. In the world of big Hollywood money, it is usually the producer that brings in the big bucks as they coordinate the projects as a whole, work on several at a time, and are often business leaders in their production companies. This does not, however, mean that the average film producer annual salary is always at the very top of the financial ladder.

Looking at the Average

Most of the executive creative positions in the film and video field have a relatively average salary, and the film producer annual salary average is similar to that of the director. In reality, the quotes for the film producer annual salary is usually running from $38,000 to a little above $80,000. This annual salary is taking into account the lower level producer positions, and these producer tasks are going to be much different than those in the high level film, television, and even commercial worlds.

For those that are just starting out, meaning in the first year or two of their producer career, they can expect less. This average film producer salary range could be from the low $20,000 range up to the middle $40,000 region. This actually puts it far above most starting jobs, but this is taking into account that you likely had to work your way up. Here you may want to begin with different types of production assistant, production coordinator, production manager, assistant director, and line producer positions.

The Bureau of Labors Statistics is putting the average film producer annual salary at around $87,000, but this may be skewed for those that work part time or are not always in the producer role. Other statistics have put the number at around $65,000, so there is no way to get an exact average of what you can expect in this field. The range for those that have significant experience of a couple decades range from close to $50,000 to well above a hundred thousand. It should also be noted that the hours that a person may work in a given year may exceed the average working hours by quite a bit, or inversely may be dramatically less. It all depends on the type of producer they are, the type of projects they work on, and how much consistent work they have. This will also be affected if you are a member of the Producer’s Guild of America and they are union productions in general.