List of Sony Professional Video Equipment - High End Professional Film Cameras by Sony

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Sony XDCAM HD Camcorder

Sony’s XDCAM HD Camcorder ( is a versatile piece of video equipment and it provides filmmakers with exceptional video quality. The XDCAM HD Camcorder provides a choice of video frame rates, progressive or interlacing modes, HD and SD formats and recording data rates. The filmmaker will be able to shoot in high definition, giving their shot a crisp and clean look. This camera can record in multiple frame rates, giving the filmmaker options. The XDCAM also has four channels of high audio and auto focus. Filmmakers can also change the focus manually. The XDCAM HD Camcorder costs $15,744.75. This price includes the camera and the necessary accessories.

Sony CineAlta

Sony’s CineAlta camera ( is a digital 35mm camera, which can be used for shooting short or feature film. This digital camera has a 35mm lense, which gives any project a “film-like” look. The CineAlta is great piece of professional video equipment for a cinematographer. The filmmaker will benefit from the multiple depth of field controls and cinema lenses. This camera sits on top of a sturdy tripod which has the capability to turn in any direction.

The price for the CineAlta is available upon request. Filmmakers can contact Sony for the exact price of the equipment.

Sony HDV Camcorder

The HDV Camcorder ( is one of the most portable cameras created by Sony. This camera shoots in 1080i high definition, which gives filmmakers a crisp shot. This handheld camera is great to use on film and television shoots because filmmakers can easily move it around. Filmmakers can use a mini DV tape to record or they can use a SD disc to record footage digitally. This camera has auto focus and high quality audio. Filmmakers have the option of manually changing the focus and determining the quality of audio for their specific project.

The HDV Camcorder has a view finder which allows filmmakers to see their footage as they are shooting. They also have the ability to rewind and fast forward footage on the camcorder. This camera is less expensive than the others. With a price of $2,750, it is more accessible to budget minded filmmakers.

Sony HD Camcorder

Sony’s HD Camcorder ( is designed for high definition programming, such as feature films, dramas, documentaries and news segments. This is a high powered device which allows filmmakers to get excellent picture quality. Despite its large size, it is very portable and manageable. Its enhanced features allows filmmakers to get the shot of their dreams. This camcorder has image control functions that can make a shot look pristine.

The HD Camcorder is more expensive than others, with a $63,000 price tag. Despite the price, this camera gives the filmmaker a perfect shoot with every use.

Sony Digital Betacam

Sony’s Digital Betacam Camcorder ( is another high-end piece of professional video equipment. This camera provides stunning picture quality. Film is digitally recorded on the digital betacam but filmmakers also have the option of using a Betacam tape. This camera gives footage a “film like” look because of the slow shutter speed. The Digital Betacam provides NTSC and PAL formats, giving filmmakers the ability to shoot in various forms.

The Sony Digital Betacam costs $52,200.