Tricks and Effects using a Webcam

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Save a Webcam Chat Session

Have you ever wondered how you can record a video chat session to your computer? Well, this is how you can do it. Two different software programs allows you to record the webcam sessions and saves them as AVI files to your computer. The first is YCC Cam Cap and it is a pretty decent piece of software to record videos from the webcam. The one that I recommend is the WebCam Companion. It does the same thing as the YCC Cam Cap, but it is free of cost and it allows you to edit and share the videos you have saved.

Set up Live Streaming on a Website

You have a website and you want to post live streaming videos to it. This is a great idea for producing your own live talk or television show right on your site. What you need to do is download CoffeeCup WebCam 4. CoffeeCup allows you to try out the software fro free. WebCam 4 guides you through the process of capturing your video and posting it on your website live.

Split the Video to Use in More than One Application

Before, you could only video chat in one program at a time. This was a hassle if you wanted to chat with someone on Yahoo and MSN at the same time. CamSplitter software allows you to chat in different applications at once. You can try it for free, but I recommend paying the $30 for the full version. It really comes in handy if you are an advent video chatter with friends on different networks.

Use the Webcam as a Home Security System

I wish I had thought of this before someone burglarized my house. 123Motion works with your webcam as an effective, but cheap, home security system. All you have to do is download the software and set it up. It will then use video as a detection device and sound an alarm. It then sends photos to an email address or FTP server. 123Motion may not stop a burglar, but it will provide valid evidence for the police.

Customizing the Look of Webcam Graphics and Background

If you ever wanted to send a video greeting or add visual effect to your webcam videos, then WebCamMax is the software program for you. It allows you to create video greetings, change the background or add images even during a live video chat. Create funny and crazy effects to brighten someone’s mood or just for hours of enjoyment.

These are just simple tricks you can do with your webcam. Using the right software program will open up your webcam possibilities.