Movie Production Graduate Degrees: Los Angeles - Study Production in the Mecca of Filmmaking

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UCLA Production/Directing

UCLA is one of the premier institutions for graduate studies in movie production. Located in sunny southern California, UCLA’s film program awards students M.F.A, M.A or PhD degrees. This is a four-year program which helps students develop their craft in movie production. There is an emphasis in directing, which shows students how to direct actors and individual scenes. The first year gives students the opportunity to create a short 2-5 minute movie on 16mm film. Students will develop new concepts in movie production and work on an advanced narrative project. The third year of the program is used for beginning their thesis production, which should be completed by the end of the fourth year. This program may seem longer than traditional graduate programs but students are able to work on their own films every step of the way.

Prospective students should submit a completed application to be considered for the graduate program. Writing and visual samples are required, such as a short screenplay and a video of a short film. Individuals must submit three recommendations and official transcripts with the application.

University of Southern California- School of Cinematic Arts

USC’s film and television production graduate program introduces students to directing, writing, cinematography and editing. Every student is taught the fundamentals of movie production from one of the greatest universities in California. Each student is awarded a MFA once they complete this program. This program takes three years to complete and students are taught all of the crew positions during this time frame. Students are encouraged by USC to develop skills in two crafts in movie production.

Film history and theory is taught to students in the production program so they are able to learn the academic side of film as well. In order to be considered for the program you must submit a completed application with references and work samples. Visual samples are required, such as a video of a short film you have completed. Official test scores should be sent with the application.

AFI Conservatory

The American Film Institute provides graduate degrees in movie production. The students are taught the basic and advanced principles of directing, cinematography, editing, producing and screenwriting. Each course is taught by professional filmmakers who have won countless awards in their profession. AFI’s graduate program allows each student to be hands-on during every shoot. Students will have the opportunity to work every crew position, allowing them to learn every aspect. Student filmmakers are given the most advanced equipment to work with. AFI has strong relationships with individuals and production companies in the film industry and students will benefit from those relationships after graduation.

A completed application, along with recommendations, work samples and transcripts are required for acceptance into the conservatory.

Loyola Marymount University - School of Film and Television

Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television is another institution located in Los Angeles that awards graduate degrees in movie production. This program consists of three years of studying the principals of production. Every year the students will have the opportunity to work on their own films. The students will have to complete a thesis project, which will be longer and more rigorous. Prospective students interested in the program must submit an application and supplemental documents.