Video Editing Equipment List

Video Editing Equipment List
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There are several types of video editing equipment that are involved in all the steps of video editing. From capturing video to storing edited video, there are essential equipment that all video editors should have. Here are 5 of those essential video editing equipment.

Recording Device

There are several types of camcorders but the most recommended type is the digital camcorder. It offers better, or at least the same, quality as that offered by analog camcorders. The digital format it produces makes transfering and editing video files easier and faster. Some camcorders offer features that let users do minor editing tasks right on the camcorder itself. It can also let users pick a special effect that will be applied to the video as it is being taken. This gives the user more room for creativity and a step ahead in video editing even before the video capturing process is finished.

Analog Film Conversion to Digital Format

If one recorded video using an analog camcorder, it would be easier to edit the video if it is converted into a digital format. This can be done using analog capture cards. These analog capture cards work by providing an interface between the user’s computer and their camcorder. By using an analog capture card, the user can transfer and convert the analog video into digital and save it as a digital video file. This is very useful for people who have a lot of old analog videos that they want to not just edit, but to simply back up and preserve in a digital format.


Not all kinds of computers can be great video editing workstations. A computer system needs to be capable of handling heavy editing and rendering chores, which means it needs a lot of memory and processing power. There are computer systems that are already optimized to handle video editing whether it is for personal or professional use. The hardware in these workstations determine how much work can be done in an efficient time, so if you are a filmmaker who wants to do video editing tasks on a computer, make sure it is a wokrstation specifically designed to handle multimedia editing tasks.

Video Editing Software

In the video editing process itself, the video editing software is critical in doing tasks efficiently and with the most desirable results. There are free video editing software out there, but most professional grade video editing software are paid, which makes sense because they usually have more features and they perform better than free software most of the time. Each of the different video editing applications offers their own set of special effects and video editing features. They also have unique user interfaces. Whether it is for heavy video editing for professionals or it is for personal home use, the video editing software of choice for a user depends on their needs and the capability of their workstations. Video editing software is also essential in converting analog video to digital video.


Video editing requires a user dealing with several video files that are large and require a lot of storage space. This means that a video editing workstation should have ample storage space to support the large raw video files and the new edited video files. External hard drives are recommended for video file storage. It can also be used to transfer video files from one computer to another. This is one video editing equipment that all video editors should have.


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