Desktop Publishing Software Reviews

Read expert reviews and get honest opinions on a variety of desktop publishing software. Whether basic word processor or complex page layout software, whether you use Windows, Apple or Linux, we’ll help you find the perfect DTP software for your needs.

A Buyer’s Guide to Desktop Publishing Software

Looking for the perfect program to help you finish a project you’re taking on? Here we’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of reviews on desktop publishing software, from the premium Adobe Suite line to freebies like GIMP, we’re here to make sure you get the right program that fits your needs!

DrawPlus X5 Review: A Design Solution for Professionals and Amateurs

Serif’s DrawPlus X5 is the most recent release of the successful design software series. With so many other options around, what makes DrawPlus X5 so different? We review some of the new features, and see how it stands up to the competition in terms of usability, price and performance.

Top 5 Free Logo Creator Applications and Templates

These apps are invaluable tools for small business owners or other organizations looking to create their own logo without affecting a budget that is already allocated for other purposes. The five logo creator applications highlighted here will give you plenty of fine options to do that.

Top Free Print & Ad Design Software Programs

Don’t despair if you can’t afford the same software that professionals use. The top free print ad design programs offer an alternative to paid programs. Included are descriptions of Scribus, OpenOffice Writer, and InkScape, as well as the discussion about the learning curve of these programs.

Free Scanning Software Options

If you have been searching for free scanning software but are unsure of which one to choose or where to find them, this article will help show you 5 of the best resources out there for you to try. Whether you are a business or individual, testing out scanning software before you buy is a must.