Printing & Scanning

Get expert tips on scanning images and documents for the best quality result. Also find tips on printing pages, letters, pamphlets and more written by and for desktop publishing. Read reviews of laser jet and ink jet printers, scanners and other tools of the trade. Everything from screen printing to scanning old photographs and more is covered at at Bright Hub's desktop publishing channel.

Comprehensive Guide to Printing for Desktop Publishers

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newbie, there is a lot to learn about printing. For example, do you know what flexography printing is used for? Have you learned the different types of binding? Do you know what screen printing is? This guide answers these questions and many more.

Ultimate Collection of Scanning Tips and Tutorials

Yes, people, winning is still relevant. Even while scanning. Forget the wasted evenings searching through a pile of random “How To” articles: a comprehensive list of detailed and entertaining guide on document scanning awaits. Skip at your own peril. The only way to re-live history is to scan.

Are You a Printing Phenom? Take Our Quiz and Find Out

The last thing you want on a deadline is a call from your printer. There’s a problem, and they’re trying to explain it to you, but they’re using words like dot gain, web press and saddle stitching. When you get that call, are you going to be able to handle it?

Differences in Desktop Printing and Prepress Techniques

Why does artwork look great on the computer AND print perfectly to an inkjet, but the colors look really different when the local print shop makes thousands of them? The differences between desktop printing and prepress techniques may surprise you. Here are some ways to get more predictable results.

How Flexography Printing Works

There are many ways to print up projects and publications. Here we take a look at one of those forms with flexography. Learn how flexography printing works and where this style of printing came from.

Print Your Own Brochures and Catalogues

Ready to take the leap into designing and printing your own catalogs or brochures but not quite sure where to start? Don’t sweat it! Here’s where we come in to make everything much easier. We’ll answer all your questions on what programs to use, what DPI is best, and even the perfect type of paper.

The Four Color Process Printing Explained

Have you ever picked up a brochure or a newsletter and wondered just how the print looks as good as it does? And then there’s print in the home, office, and school, where lively creations are made.

But where does all of this come from? How do we get ink to page and looking awesome?

Understanding Resolution: DPI vs. PPI

There are times that budding graphic designers, techie gurus, and even the average computer users need to learn the difference between DPI and PPI. This can be confusing for even the most seasoned computer users, but here you’ll learn what they are, why they’re important, and how to use them!

How to Prepare Scanned Documents for Digital Editing

So you’ve got a few documents you want to edit digitally. You scan your documents into your computer only to find out that it seems like a lot more work than you expected. By following these tips, you’ll make easy work out of your editing by improving scan quality before you begin.