Photoshop Tutorials & Tips

You don’t need to take an expensive class to master Photoshop. Here at BrightHub you’ll find expert tips and Photoshop tutorials written by and for desktop publishers and professionals.

Photoshop Tools and How-To Guides for the DIY Publisher

Photoshop is one powerful tool, and with so many tricks up its sleeve it can be hard to know where to start — the sheer range of capabilities is great but also overwhelming to begin with. This guide contains everything you need to know from getting started, applying effects and completing projects.

Free Photoshop Brushes: Spotlights & Sunbeams

Adding a burst of light, such as sun rays or spotlights to your photographs and artwork are a fantastic way to add focus, increase visual interest, and just change the mood of your picture over-all. Not to mention, this effect is extremely easy to create with these fantastic free brushes!

Learn How to Create Hatch Patterns in Photoshop

Whether you’re an artist, architect or just the weekend Photoshop hobbyist, there are tons reasons why you might want to try out hatch or crosshatch patterns. Here we’ll teach you two fantastic methods to quickly add hatch patterns to your project, and point you in the direction of free patterns.

What Should I Learn First in Photoshop? A Beginners Guide

You’ve just installed Photoshop, and you’re sitting there slack-jawed and wide-eyed. Don’t worry, that’s the exact same reaction that everyone has when they use Photoshop for the first time. I’m here to help take away a bit of the fear for you Photoshop first-timers with these helpful tips.

Learn How to Make a Diamond in Photoshop

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but really, who doesn’t love a little bling from time to time? If you’re looking for a fun new project to take on in Photoshop, this is for you. Here you’ll learn how to make a shiny cut diamond (or other gem) in a few simple steps.

Making Spheres in Photoshop: A Quick Tutorial

Traditional artists know the pain related to drawing a sphere by hand. Fortunately for all of you digital artists and budding graphic designers, you’ll be glad to know that recreating this technique in Photoshop is a simple and fun process that you’ll be able to master the first time you try.

Create Cool Photoshop Reflective Water Text Effects

If you’ve ever wanted to create the illusion of text floating above water, this is the tutorial for you! Here you’ll learn how to utilize the often neglected displacement map feature, as well as explore other Photoshop fundamentals to create a great project with a lot of visual interest!