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Google’s Evolution: From New Kid to Big Brother

Google knows everything about you – or at least stuff that you wouldn’t expect it to know. Whether you use services provided by the search giant or not, the fact is that things are getting a little out of hand. So I wrote the once exciting tech start-up a letter expressing my concerns…

Google’s Government Influence – A New Lobbyist Rises

Google’s power is easy to understand. They’re a fundamental part of the Internet as we know it, and a massive company with a lot of money to throw around. After a bit of a delay, they’re now getting around to using that power to twist governments and public opinion to meet their needs.

Hidden Messages in Designs: An Idea Set to Continue?

Whether you’ve noticed them or not, hidden elements in designs are all around us. The world of logos especially is set to incorporate ever more original ideas to push company images to the fore. Is this an idea that is set to grow? Should you jump on the bandwagon? Of course — it’s going to be big!

The Plagiarism of Logos: Is the Digital Age to Blame?

To make a living in today’s digital world, designers are increasingly forced to put their work out into the digital market — exposing their designs which are then there for the world to see… and sometimes be copied. Plagiarism is nothing new when it comes to designs and it isn’t going away.

Teenagers Beware: Sexting Legislation Signed Into Law

Many may thing sexting is harmless, but the reality is it could land a teenager in jail or get him or her labeled as a sex offender for the rest of their life. Likewise, adults could lose their jobs or see total career ruin. Professional photographers had best be careful with client photos, too.

Google’s Impacts on Internet Privacy

It seems like I can’t go anywhere without being reminded of Google’s shadow over the Internet. Their efforts to gather information and “improve’ user experiences are starting to lead to scary results online. Is this something to be concerned about?