Microsoft Word Tips

Microsoft Word can be a valuable tool for the Desktop Publisher. For instance, did you know you can create business cards in Word? Or greeting cards, or stationary? Find useful tips, how-to articles and tutorials written by and for desktop publishers.

Is It Time to Dump Microsoft Word & Get Creative?

If you’re called on to produce a newsletter or a quick flyer, chances are you are clicking on that Word icon — it’s cozy, familiar and easy to use after all. But are you missing out on a whole world of creativity at your fingertips? When is it time to dump Word and hook up with something more you?

Obituary Template for Word: Free Download

When someone passes away, an obituary template is a great help in writing a tribute to the deceased. Family members will want to keep the obituary, and friends need to know the plans for the person’s funeral. Learn how to write a notice for the local newspaper with this free template.