Microsoft Word Tips

  • 10 Great Patriotic Templates for Microsoft Word

    Who says you need a fancy, expensive program to create eye-catching red, white and blue publications? With Word and a little help, you can personalize and print everything from address labels to notecards to flyers for your patriotic occasion.
    By Tricia Goss June 27, 2014 

  • 5 Great Winter Backgrounds for Word Documents

    You do not need a complicated program to produce a gorgeous holiday newsletter or report. If you have Microsoft Word, you can use background templates to create a polished and colorful document. Here are five winter backgrounds for Word documents that...
    By Tricia Goss November 11, 2013 

  • 6 Creative Letterhead Templates for You to Customize

    There are many ways to market your business and letterhead is one of them. Your correspondence appears polished and professional, and provides important contact information as well. Download and personalize one of the following letterhead templates for...
    By Tricia Goss July 25, 2013 

  • Are You Still Using MS Word for Your DTP Projects?

    If you're called on to produce a newsletter or a quick flyer, chances are you are clicking on that Word icon -- it's cozy, familiar and easy to use after all. But are you missing out on a whole world of creativity at your fingertips? When...
    By Wendy Finn October 20, 2011 

  • A Collection of Guides: Use Word as Your Desktop Publishing Software

    Are you intimidated by the idea of desktop publishing? You can create many types of documents using nothing more complicated than good old, familiar, uncomplicated MS Word. Find ideas and downloads here for business forms. Make flyers or newsletters...
    By Linda Richter September 14, 2011 

  • Print Your Own Custom ID Badges and Name Tags

    Saving money doesn't have to mean cheap-looking results. Here are 10 free templates that you can use in Word to produce professional, polished badges.
    By Tricia Goss August 15, 2011 

  • Write the Perfect Term Paper with the Word 2007 Review Feature

    Writing term papers is definitely not the highlight of your college years, but it has to be done. Choosing to write your paper using the Microsoft Word 2007 Compare and Review tools is the fastest and easiest way to complete your assignments.
    By Camesha White June 23, 2011 

  • Creating a Manual in MS Word? Get Help With These Templates

    Producing a manual from scratch can seem like quite a daunting obligation. Fortunately, when you work in MS Word you have the benefit of beginning with a template. Select the one that best suits your purpose and find guidance to help you customize it...
    By Tricia Goss June 22, 2011 

  • Designing a Funeral Program: A Lasting Tribute

    If someone close to you has passed away, using a program for the funeral will create a permanent keepsake for the people who are mourning the loss. Here you will learn how to design a free Microsoft Word funeral program template.
    By Linda Richter June 20, 2011 

  • Great Free Stationery for You to Download and Use in Microsoft Word

    By downloading stationery, you can save time and you can help to further communicate your ideas and emotions. These Microsoft Word free stationery templates were created using watermarks so that the image won't move and it will appear on all pages...
    By Ronda Bowen June 15, 2011 
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