Desktop Publishing Projects for DIY-ers

You don’t need to be a Desktop Publishing professional to create holiday or special event projects and materials. Here at BrightHub you’ll find expert tips and tutorials written by and for desktop publishers and professionals that the do-it-yourself person can follow to make holiday- or event-specific cards, banners, flyers, and much more.

Think You Know All About Logos? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!

Everyone knows more about logos than they think they do — even kids can recognize the McDonald’s golden arches from a very young age. But how well do you really know your logos? Take our quiz on famous logos, logos in the news and even logos in film. We might test your design knowledge, too!

How to Find Clipart to Illustrate Your Book

Clipart can provide a great source of affordable illustrations for your self published book, but only if all applicable copyright laws are followed. Learn how to protect yourself from costly legal battles by determining the appropriate use of clipart in your desktop publishing projects.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Cookbook Published

Trying to figure out a way to get your cookbook published? We’ll show you ways to get your foot in the door at professional publishers, show you when self-publishing might be a fantastic option for you, and we’ll even tell you why taking your cookbook to eReaders may be the smartest choice of all.

Guide to Non-Traditional DTP Projects

Here’s just what you need to transform ho-hum projects into attention-getters. Use these tips, tricks and free templates to create a variety of non-traditional DTP projects: candy bar wrappers, labels for bottles, canvas bag designs and so much more. These projects are easy for any skill level.

SOLD! Tips for Designing a Real Estate Flyer

If you’re getting ready to sell some real estate, making flyers and posting them on public boards is a great way to get some free exposure for the property. Here you’ll learn helpful tips for creating a flyer such as how to use images, how to use color effectively, and what information to include.

A DIY Guide for Making Your Own Wedding Stationery

Are you excited by the possibility of creating your own wedding stationery, right on your desktop? Many people have a specific theme or logo that they want to carry throughout their entire stationery suite. Others do it in order to save money. Put your creativity to work for this most important day!

Tips on How to Publish a Company Newsletter

Some of the ways publishing a newsletter helps your company are: Finding new customers, encouraging repeat business, informing shareholders, developing community participation or informing employees. Here are some tips on how to publish a company newsletter that runs smoothly… and on time.