DTP Projects

  • Make Thanksgiving Cards Fast

    It’s the middle of November already and you haven’t sent out your Thanksgiving cards. Sure, you could buy some basic store bought cards and scribble your name down before sending them out, but that isn’t really your style. Instead, make...
    By Brian Nelson November 24, 2014 

  • Free Printable Valentine Cards: Four Collections

    Tired of paying a lot of money for Valentines day Cards at the card store? Trying to find something new and unique for your sweetheart, friends, co-workers, or the children in your child's classroom? This article contains four sets of free...
    By Amber Neely February 5, 2014 

  • How to Create Valentine's Stationery Paper in Microsoft Word

    This tutorial will show you how to create Valentine's stationery paper in a snap. And you can also use these same instructions to make any other kind of stationery you wish.
    By Amanda Presley February 5, 2014 

  • 5 Mother's Day Poems for Cards, Scrapbooks, and Other DTP Projects

    Mother's Day poems are really fun to write, and while I'm not a mom I can imagine how special it is to get something from your kid(s) that really represents their gratitude for their mom. We've collected 5 personal and customizable...
    By Michael Guerrero May 9, 2013 

  • 5 Easter Backgrounds for Greeting Card Projects

    So, you are looking for Easter backgrounds to create your own greeting cards? Here are five cute, neat, and really great looking backgrounds you can use. Each is unique, so you are sure to find one you can use for your Easter cards.
    By Amanda Presley March 28, 2012 

  • Four Premium St. Patrick's Day Fonts

    Premium fonts combine the artist's vision with the aspirations of the desktop publishing masses who want to give their work a little flourish. In this article, we look at four fonts that, for a small investment, are sure to add something extra to...
    By Laura Jean Karr March 1, 2012 

  • Love Poems for Valentine's Day Cards

    Put on your reds and pinks and load up your favorite DTP software because it's time to make Valentines Day cards! But what is Valentines Day without the romantic poetry? Arbor Day, I guess. So we've got 5 love poems for Valentines Day...
    By Michael Guerrero February 13, 2012 

  • DIY Valentine's Day Cards in Photoshop

    If you are new to using Photoshop and want to create your own Valentine's Day cards, this DIY guide will help you out. We'll show you the basic steps you will need to take in order to create your own customized greeting cards.
    By Amanda Presley February 1, 2012 

  • PageMaker 7.0 Basics: Workspace, Toolbox & Rulers

    Adobe PageMaker 7.0 is an incredibly versatile desktop publishing tool. Learn more about it's many features and how to use them, starting with the workspace.
    By Dianna Monda Dill November 18, 2011 

  • How Well Do You Know Your Logos?

    Everyone knows more about logos than they think they do -- even kids can recognize the McDonald's golden arches from a very young age. But how well do you really know your logos? Take our quiz on famous logos, logos in the news and even logos...
    By Wendy Finn November 9, 2011 
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