Christmas Name Tags: How to Design and Print Your Own

Christmas Name Tags: How to Design and Print Your Own
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Christmas Name Tags

These Christmas name tags can be used for many events like work parties, family reunions, church events, and class parties. Christmas name tags can be created by using a graphics editor, a word processor, or any desktop publishing software. You can design your own and then print them using sticky paper. Many designs can be used to create these borders like Christmas borders, Christmas backgrounds, and graphics. If you would like some ideas on creating your own name tags, continue reading.

Programs You Can Use to Create Christmas Name Tags


There are quite a few programs that can be used to create the Christmas name tags. I bet you have something on your computer that can be used to create the tags. Many programs can be used, but some programs will not do as good as others and you will have to put more work into some. Here are some of the programs you can use to create name tags.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Microsoft Works
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • OpenOffice Writer
  • OpenOffice Draw
  • InkScape
  • Paint.Net

Using Graphics, Borders, Brushes, and more for the Christmas Name Tags

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Before you begin creating the name tags, it is probably best to figure out what you want to use and go collect those things first. For example, if you are using Photoshop or Illustrator, you can download brushes and other tools that will make it easy to create the name tags.

Another example is using borders. You can search Google or the search engine you use for free Christmas borders. You can then find borders you want to use and create the name tags from them. If you can find a border or borders you like, that will save you a lot of time.

If you plan to create your own tags from scratch, you may want to use a Christmas graphic. You can also do a search for free Christmas graphics and find something you want to use. After you have collected all of the things you will need for this project, you can load your program and get started.

Creating the Christmas Name Tags


Now you are ready to begin creating your name tags. Open the program that you plan to create these name tags in. If you are using a graphics editor, you will need to create a new canvas or document to work on. It is best to create it the size of your printer paper. If you are using something like Word, Works, or Writer, a document will automatically be created for you.

If you are using a word processor, you can either create a one cell, one row table for your border, or you can open a Christmas border to use. If you are choosing to create the name tag from scratch, you can use the table as the border and insert a graphic. If you are using a border, you can insert the border and resize it to what you want. Then you can copy and paste the other tags to fill the page up.

If you are using a graphics editor, you will need to start by drawing a rectangle or oval for your border. You can change your fill to transparency and change the border color to what you want. If you want to use a graphic, you can insert that. If you are using a border, you can import it into your editor and resize it to the size you want. You will need to duplicate the name tags to fill the document up.

If you are using Illustrator or Photoshop, you can draw a rectangle or oval and use a set of brushes or symbols you may have downloaded.

When you are finished with the Christmas name tags, you can print them onto a sheet of sticky paper and cut each one to separate them.