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Free Christmas Email Stationery

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 12/3/2010

If you are looking for email stationery to give your emails that Christmas theme, this guide offers some of the best. This guide will list 10 free Christmas email stationery you can use to send friends and family email. Simply click the links to see the stationery.

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    Free Christmas Email Stationery

    Email stationery is a great way to decorate your email. You can use a theme for each holiday to get in the spirit of that holiday and spread your cheer. In this guide, we will focus on Christmas email stationery. All of the stationery templates found in this guide are free to download to your computer and use. You can see the full size preview of each one by clicking the link provided. From that page, you can download the stationery to your computer if it is one you like. You can download more than one template and use different ones with different emails.

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    Santa and Reindeer Email Stationery

    This is a beautiful Santa and reindeer stationery that can be used in many email programs like Outlook Express. The top of the stationery is a repeated scene of Santa and reindeer with the bottom half being Santa riding in the sleigh. The opacity of the bottom half of the stationery is light enough for you to type your message on, but dark enough for you to see.

    Santa and Reindeer Email Stationery


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    Animated Snowman Email Stationery

    Next in this list of Christmas email stationery is a snowman with animated Christmas lights hanging on him. The snowman is in the bottom right corner of the stationery and the background has a blue texture with snowmen.

    Animated Snowman Email Stationery


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    Christmas Teddy Bear Email Stationery

    If you are looking for Christmas teddy bear email stationery, try this one. On the left side is a beautiful border with a brown teddy bear and a white teddy bear. The right side of the stationery is a green mesh type texture.

    Teddy Bear Email Stationery


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    Reindeer Email Stationery

    This is a cute little reindeer email stationery with the reindeer in the bottom right corner. The rest of the stationery has a faint white stripe pattern. This is a really cute stationery.

    Reindeer Email Stationery


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    Journey Email Stationery

    This email stationery is a bit different from the above stationery. This is a dark blue stationery with wisemen riding camels. The stationery is really beautiful and the camels and wisemen kind of blend into the background.

    Journey Email Stationery


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    Teddy Bear Snowman Email Stationery

    This Christmas email stationery has a teddy bear in the bottom, right corner. The bear is dressed like a snowman with a broom in his hand. The rest of the stationery is a beautiful light green texture.

    Teddy Bear Snowman Email Stationary


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    Snowman Email Stationery

    Here is another snowman email stationery. This one has a snowman border down the left side with a beautiful blue texture for your email to be typed on the right.

    Snowman Email Stationery


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    Teddy Bear Christmas Email Stationery

    This free Christmas email stationery has a border top with teddy bears, ornaments, and presents. It is a very cute border. The bottom part of the stationery is a pink texture with what looks like ornaments.

    Teddy Bear Christmas Email Stationery


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    Santa Waving Christmas Email Stationery

    This is a very simple email stationery with a Santa waving in the middle. On the right side of the free Christmas email stationery is an animated Santa head.

    Santa Waving Email Stationery


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    Christmas Tree Email Stationery

    This is the last free Christmas email stationery in this list. This stationery has a few Christmas trees in the background that are kind of faded into it. There is nothing fancy about this stationery, so if you want something simple, you may like this one.

    Christmas Tree Email Stationery