Free Rainbow Backgrounds for Your Desktop Publishing Projects

Free Rainbow Backgrounds for Your Desktop Publishing Projects
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Rainbow Backgrounds

Rainbow backgrounds can be used for many projects like flyers, wallpaper, greeting cards, scrapbooking, and invitations. All of the rainbow backgrounds in this guide are free to download and use. Most of the backgrounds can be right clicked on and saved to your computer. Other backgrounds are a bit different. On each background, I will tell you if you can right click and save, or if you need to save it in a different way. If it is a right click and save, simply right click on the image, choose the Save Image As option in the menu, and save it to somewhere on your computer. Then you can open it in the program you are working in.

Rainbow Backgrounds - Diagonal Rainbow Background

The first rainbow background is a diagonal rainbow background. The colors of the background are very vibrant and would be great for wallpaper projects and digital scrapbooking projects. This background can be found here. When the page has loaded, you can click the Download button on the right and the background will open full size in a new window. From there, you can do your right click and save option.

Rainbow Backgrounds - Rainbow Wall


Next up is a rainbow wall background. This background looks like a wall of colors. You can download the rainbow background here. Once the page loads, click the Download button, wait for it to open in a new window and right click to save. Same as above.

Rainbow Backgrounds - Rainbow Lights


It is a bit hard to explain this one. It looks a bit like lights. So, we will call it rainbow lights. You can load the download page of this background here. This is the same as the above two, click the Download button and right click to download. This rainbow background would be great for presentations or wallpaper.

Rainbow Backgrounds - Rainbow Texture


This is a texture type background that must be used as a tile background. A tile background means the background is real small and must be tiled together to make a larger background. You can open the background here. Then click the image to see a larger background and right click it to save it.

Rainbow Backgrounds - Rainbow Swoops and Hearts


This is a rainbow swoops background with hearts. There are also circles on this rainbow background. You can open the background by visiting this link. When the page is loaded, click Download and right click on the image once it is fully loaded.

Rainbow Backgrounds

There are five more backgrounds in this guide of 10 Rainbow Backgrounds. These five are all saved the same way. All you have to do is click the download button to the right of the preview and wait for the background to load. Once it is loaded, right click on it and click Save Image As. Then save it to somewhere on your computer. You can click the link next to each background to load that background.


Flower Rainbow Background


Feather Rainbow Background


Hearts and Flowers Rainbow Background


Rainbow Stripes Background


Rainbow Fairies Background