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Add Pizzazz to Your Projects With These Abstract Backgrounds

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 11/12/2010

In this guide, you will find links to ten free abstract backgrounds along with directions on how to save each one to your computer. These backgrounds are great for wallpapers, scrapbooks, and other desktop publishing projects.

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    Heart With Shades of Blue

    heart-abstract The first unique abstract background in this guide is a heart abstract background. This is a really neat background. It is kind of in the shape of a heart with many colors and circles. You can open the heart abstract background by clicking here. Once the background loads, you can click it to magnify it. To save it to your computer, right click on it and select Save Image As in the menu. Then save the background to where you want it.

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    Cat Abstract Background

    cat-abstract This abstract background has many colors and if you look close enough, you can make it out to be a cat, or maybe a panther. It is really cool. You can see the full abstract background by going here. To save the background to your computer, you will need to scroll below the background and find the size you want to save. Click that size and then save it to your computer.

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    Fire Flower Abstract Background

    flower-fire-abstract The next abstract background in this list is a fire abstract background. In the fire abstract, you can make out a flower in the center. You can load this background here. Then select the size you want to save and the background will load. You can then right click on the background and save it to your computer.

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    Green Abstract Background

    green-abstract Next up is a green abstract background. This background consists of a bunch of lines that are different greens. It is a really unique abstract background. You can see the large background here. Once you click the link to open the background, you can click it to make it larger. Then right click the background and choose the Save Image As option and save it to somewhere on your computer.

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    Multi-Color Abstract Background

    multicolor-abstract This background is a bit difficult to describe. There are multiple soft colors in this abstract that look like running tubes. You can see the image to the left. To open the full size of this abstract background, you can use this link. Once you open the background, you can click the background to make it full size. If you wish to save it to your computer, simply right click and click the Save Image As option. Save the background to where you want it on your computer.

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    Circle Abstract Background

    circle-abstract Next in this list of abstract backgrounds is the circle background. There are different color circles in this abstract background along with some swooping lines and sparkles. You can load the full size background here. Then right click to save the background to your computer. Clicking the Save Image As option in the menu will allow you to save it to your own computer.

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    Blue Liquid Abstract & Snowflake Abstract Backgrounds

    liquid-abstract snowflake-abstract Here are two backgrounds. The first one is a blue liquid abstract background, and the second one is a snowflake abstract background. Both of the backgrounds are very unique and are downloaded the same way. You can click the link of the background you want to open below. Then click the size you want to save to your computer. Once the background loads, simply right click on it and select to save the image to your computer.

    Blue Liquid Abstract Background

    Snowflake Abstract Background

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    Ripple Abstract Background and Swoop Abstract Background

    These two backgrounds are the last of this list. The first one is a ripples type abstract background. The second one is a swoop type abstract background. To save these to your computer, simply open the background and right click it to save it. When you select Save Image As, save it where you want it on your computer.

    Ripple Abstract Background

    Swoop Abstract Background

    ripple-abstract swoop-abstract