Learning Wedding Invitation Addressing Etiquette

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Wedding Invitation Etiquette: Why Should You Follow It?

So toes don’t get stepped on and people don’t get hurt, following proper protocol is very much necessary when preparing for a wedding. The bride and the groom should observe etiquette so they don’t offend anyone.

One classic example is that upon the engagement of the couple, proper etiquette tells that they must first see the parents of the bride to tell them about their wedding plans and to formally invite them to be part of their wedding. Then they must also inform the parents of the groom.

After inviting the parents, the couple must start sending out invitations to their relatives and friends. Knowing how to word wedding invitations is important as it will set the tone for the wedding. Proper etiquette will also show how polite and eloquent the couple are in addressing their guests.

What Should You Write in Your Wedding Invitation?

Wording an invitation is not as difficult as most people think. In fact, it is so spontaneous that your only challenge is how to put into a few words the long lines that you would like. By the time you write this, your emotions will be overflowing, making it exciting and easy to do. Here is some sample wording:

This day I will marry my friend,

The one who loves me and I am honestly in love with

Kara Alexa Macalinao

daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Macalinao

Kyle Sy

son of Mr. and Mrs. Melchor Sy

Please celebrate with us as we exchange our marriage vows

on Monday, the twenty-third day of October

year Two Thousand Eleven

at 3 o’clock in the afternoon

St. Francis de Assissi Church

Reception follows at Edsa Shangri-la

How Should You Address Your Guests?

After making your invitation, the last thing that you need to do is to spend time on the envelopes, which are actually the first thing that guests are going to see. Be vigilant of this wedding invitation addressing etiquette:

Married Couple: Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Alexande Macalinao

Married Couple – Wife uses Maiden Name: Mr. Alex Macalinao Jr. and Mrs. Khaye Mydette Sy Cardenas

To a Single Friend Bringing a Guest: Mr. Michael Quilang and Guest

Married Couple – Wife is a Doctor: Dr. May Ann Cruz and Mr. Mark Cruz

Married Couple – Husband is a Government Official: Senator Juan Miguel and Mrs. Anita Miguel

Same Gender Couples: Miss Jane Santos and Miss Stella Paner

When Is the Perfect Time to Send Invitations?

The most ideal time to send wedding invitations is eight weeks before the wedding. This will give plenty of time for the guests to fix their schedules. This is also beneficial for the bride and the groom since they can make the RSVP date earlier and they can finalize guests’ head count and seating arrangements ahead of time. At the very latest, guests should be given invitations four weeks in advance, and responses should be received two weeks prior to the big day. Following this wedding invitation addressing etiquette will help make your wedding even more special.