How to Design Your Own Christmas Scrapbook Paper in Adobe Fireworks

How to Design Your Own Christmas Scrapbook Paper in Adobe Fireworks
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Creating Your Background Canvas for Your Christmas Scrapbook Paper

To get started, you can create a new document in Adobe Fireworks to work with. This document should be created the size you want the scrapbook paper to be. Once Fireworks loads, you can select the New File option, seen in the photo, and set your width and height to what you need. Clicking the OK button will load the new document and from there, we can get started.

Options for Creating Your Christmas Scrapbook Paper in Adobe Fireworks

In Fireworks, you will find many options for designing your Christmas scrapbook paper. You will probably want to start with selecting

Christmas Scrapbook Paper

the square tool in your toolbar and drawing a square over your document. This will stand in for your background. After drawing the square over your document, you can apply many effects to the square to create the background. Below are some options for creating the scrapbook backgrounds.

  • Textures – Textures can be used to change the background. You can use horizontal lines, diagonal lines, mesh, and more to change the look of the background. You can also change the percentage of the texture to see more or less of the texture. The texture option is found in the properties panel in the bottom of Fireworks. Clicking the background with your mouse will display the properties.

  • Styles – The styles panel is found on the right side of Fireworks. Applying different types of styles to your background will give you creative designs. You will first need to select the background and then click a style to apply it.

    Merry Christmas Scrapbook Paper

  • Shapes – Using shapes from the Shapes panel and the Shapes toolbar is another great way to create your Christmas scrapbook paper. Using the shapes will take some time, because you can create polka dot paper, squares paper, and more. Simply drawing 10 to 50 circles on your paper will create a nice look. Changing the color of the shapes will make it look creative.

  • Fonts – Downloading and installing fonts will add that touch of Christmas to your scrapbook paper. Adding things like snowmen, Christmas trees, and presents will make a nice looking scrapbook paper.

    Christmas Fonts

Adding Fonts to Your Christmas Scrapbook Paper

To add fonts to your Christmas scrapbook paper, you will first need to find the fonts you want to use, download the fonts, and then install

Christmas Scrapbook Fonts

the fonts. If you need help with downloading and installing fonts, please see this guide, How to Download, Install, and Use Dingbats in Windows. Don’t be fooled by the title, dingbats and fonts are the same thing.

After installing the fonts you want to use, grab the text tool and draw a large text box on your document. Then type every letter in the alphabet in the text box. Next, change the font to the Christmas font of your choice. You can then find a font graphic you want to use and erase all of the others by double clicking and deleting the ones you do not want to use.

After selecting the font you want to use, you can change the color of it, change the size, change the border color, and more. You can play around with them to design some really nice looking scrapbook paper for Christmas.

Here are three great sites with free Christmas fonts you can download and install:


The Holiday Spot

Da Font

Font Space

Exporting Your Christmas Scrapbook Paper from Adobe Fireworks

Christmas Scrapbook Paper in Fireworks

When you are finished with your Christmas Scrapbook paper, go to the top of Fireworks and click File > Export Preview. Click Export in the box that pops up and give your scrapbook paper a name in the other box. Click the button in the box to save it.