Get Creative: Make Your Own Bumper Stickers

Get Creative: Make Your Own Bumper Stickers
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Bumper Sticker Kits

If you want to make your own bumper stickers, you can buy special bumper sticker paper at places like Office Depot. All you have to do is design your graphic using your favorite application such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, etc. You can design your bumper sticker completely from scratch or you can use a template that you can download from the paper manufacturer. If you have paper that prints two up, using the template may make it easier for you to print both labels at the same time.

When your design is complete, put the special paper into your printer and then print your bumper sticker.

The paper suppliers say that the result is water resistant, but if you are concerned about its survivability, you can put some clear adhesive paper over the top of it, trim, and then apply the sticker to your bumper. If you are not happy with the quality you get with the home brew stickers, you have another option: online printing services.

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Use an Online Printing Service

Web based services such as allow you to design your own bumper sticker and upload it. You can use a design that is entirely yours or you can use a template to help. When you do this, the service will print your stickers and then ship them to you, usually within one day. This means that you can create bumper stickers and have them in time for Fathers Day or other holidays.

One thing that used to be an issue when ordering bumper stickers was a minimum order. Whether you are ordering as a business or as an individual, you probably don’t need several hundred stickers. The good news is that many online bumper sticker printers have no minimum order. Naturally, if you order just one bumper sticker, you will pay a bit much for it ($4.95), but the price goes down if you order more than one.

Make your own bumper stickers!

Bumper stickers let you share your opinions, humor and creativity with the world around you. Whether you want to promote your business or just smart off to the bad drivers that surround you, when you make your own bumper stickers you get to speak your mind.

For those who want to sell their bumper stickers, the online printing solutions seem to be the best option. Even if you just want one or two bumper stickers, you might want to go this route to get the best quality print.

The printable bumper sticker paper seems to be an older style solution that relies on the quality of your ink jet printer to create your stickers. Of course, the stickers that you get from the office store cost less per sticker, so the cost savings might compel you to choose that method.

Have fun while you make your own bumper stickers. You will be surprised at all the creative designs you come up with once you get started.