Creating Unique Halloween Invitations

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This year, do not settle for the same old boring Halloween party, make it THE Halloween event and get started with great invitations that you can make quickly and easily right from your computer.

Themes and Wording:

The most important element for any invitation is of course, the information. After all you need those basic details of what, when, where, etc. But if you think about your event ahead of time and plan it around a sort of theme, it will help you to create invitations that grab people’s attention and makes them want to attend the event.

For example, instead of “You Are Invited to The Halloween Party”, you might consider planning a mystery murder dinner or turning your house (or part of it) into a spooky haunted mansion. This theme could then be used to spice up your invitations with a heading like “Solve a Halloween Murder at The Smith’s Murder Mystery Dinner” or “Can You Survive The Jones’s Haunted Mansion?”. Even if you are planning a simple and traditional Halloween party for younger kids you can still get creative with your wording and focus on a certain event from the party such as “Show Off Your Little Goblins at The Smith’s Family Costume Contest and Halloween Party”.


Next, think about the theme you have chosen and let this guide how you design your invitations. Instead of just printing the standard rectangular shaped invitations, why not go with something a bit more unusual that fits with your theme? For example a coffin shaped invitation, or ones that are cut into the shapes of a ghost or jack-o-lantern. An easy way to do this is to find a basic graphic with the shape that you want to use for the front of your invitations and make them large enough to cover the entire front. You can then cut around the edge of the graphic, leaving a small part on the side for the invitation to open and close, or if you prefer cut out the entire thing on one side and use the back of the invitation for the wording which can help you use less card stock as well.


Next, pick a font that is easy to read but still complements your theme well. Black Chancery, Blackadder, Cloister Black, Formal Script, Pagoda, Papyrus, and Tempus Sans would all make some good choices depending on the exact look that you are trying to achieve.

Final Touches:

Finally, you may want to consider some small final touches that you can add to give your invitations that extra pizazz. If you are planning a murder mystery, scavenger hunt, or other similar idea you may want to include a small scroll or guest card that assigns a character to each person who is invited with ideas for their costume or that gives them a small clue to get started. This will get them excited about your event early on and make them feel like they want to be there to follow up with all of the spooky fun. For kids’ invitations or haunted house themes you may want to consider coating the eyes of your ghosts with some glow in the dark poster paint, or adding a touch of black glitter around the outlines of your jack-o-lantern, or printing a spider web or small bats on the envelopes that you mail your invitations in.

Use your imagination and you will quickly have great invitations that will impress your guests and help you create a wonderful night of Halloween fun.

Editor’s note: For more fun Halloween fonts, you may also want to check out Four Free Halloween Fonts, by Thursday Bram.

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