How to Convert Microsoft Publisher Files to Other Formats

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Microsoft Publisher is one of the most popular and widely used programs today. However, you may often run into an occurence where you need to convert a publisher document into a different file format for a client. Here are five ways to make it happen.

Publisher to HTML

Perhaps you have a holiday newsletter or brochures you would like to change into a web page. This is a great way to use your existing material and create a new platform for gaining more traffic and customers and clients. Once you have Publisher open to what you want to put on your website, you then need to select the option to “create website” from current publication within the file menu. When you have run through the options you would like in Design Checker, have created a page title in your web properties, you need to then save it as an html file and you should be all set to upload to your server. You can also do a preview just to make sure things have saved correctly.

Publisher to Word

Another popular option used when converting Microsoft Publisher files is to convert it over to Word. In Publisher you can just click to Select All on the file you would like converted. You then paste it into Word being sure to check that the margins, and layout has remained consistent. You will need to do each section separately for copy and paste if you have text and graphics to ensure that everything gets copied over properly and in the right places on the page. It may take some time to fiddle with to make things look the way you want but it is a cheaper method than purchasing file converter tools.

Publisher to Adobe InDesign

Converting publisher files over to InDesign does require using one of three plugins that you may need to purchase. The first one is called Q2ID, the second one is ID2Q. A third one has just been released onto the scene by a company called Markzware. This plugin is supposed to be the better one to invest in for the amount of features and capabilities it possesses.

While you may not be able to make a complete conversion exactly like the Publisher file due to the differences in how the formatting for shapes, text boxes, border art, gallery design objects, fill effects and object styles but it is a much easier job than trying to redo a document over from a pdf file containing the Publisher doc.

Publisher to Powerpoint

While it is not technically thought of as converting Microsoft Publisher files when importing into Powerpoint, it can still be retained and opened up in this format by making it into an image file. You will first need to save your publisher file as a pdf from within the File menu. Once you have your pdf created, open it up and find the PrtSc button on your keyboard-usually in the top right area. Once you have clicked on this, you can then open up your Paint or Gimp or Photoshop and click to paste in a new doc. You can then move the image around until you have everything you want to contain as the image. Save as a jpg or gif and you are now able to import into your Powerpoint presentation slides.

Publisher to PDF

There are many programs online that you can use when converting Microsoft Publisher files to pdf . If you do not want to rely on the services of others or a reliable internet connection, there are programs you can download and install to complete the conversion on your own computer. Some of these programs are free while others you may need to purchase. For a list of the best programs to try and the steps to using them, read Convert Publisher (.pub) Files to Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) with Free Tools.