Business Cards for the Unemployed: Purpose and Importance

Business Cards for the Unemployed: Purpose and Importance
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Business cards are not only beneficial to those in business, but they are also beneficial for those who are unemployed and seeking employment. They work in a similar fashion as a resume because they will help those looking for a job connect with potential employers. There are several reasons business cards for the unemployed are a good idea.

Top Three Reasons to Have Business Cards

First, business cards contain necessary contact information such as your email address, phone number and street address. Business cards may also have information pertaining to your skills, so it is important to list two or three areas in which you excel. Business cards are much easier to carry around and hand out compared to resumes. If you are unemployed, having business cards can help you feel more confident, as well, lending an air of professionalism even if you are between jobs.

What Should Be Printed on the Business Cards

When creating business cards for the unemployed it is important to include the right information. The cards should stand out without being flashy. All business cards should include basic contact information, such as your full name, email address, phone numbers and home address. Use one or two more lines to provide a description of your expertise. If you have a personal website, specifically one that discusses your expertise, experience, and education, it should be included. It is also a good idea to put the site address in which your online resume is posted, if you have one. You can add color or a graphic image to catch the eye of a potential employer, but try not to overshadow your strengths and skills with pictures or hard-to-read fonts.

How to Carry the Business Cards

Buy an inexpensive business card holder in which to carry your business cards. Alternatively, you can choose to keep ten to fifteen business cards at a time in your wallet or pocketbook if you do not want to purchase a business card holder.

Should I Create My Own Business Cards?

With the right program and expertise in using the program, creating your own business cards wouldn’t be a bad idea.You may also wish to laminate your business cards to make them look more professional and also to protect them. If you choose to not create your own, make sure they are created by a reputable business so that they turn out how you ordered them.

Can a Business Card Replace a Resume?

Ultimately, no. However, it can definitely get the ball rolling in terms of getting potential employers to notice you. A business card will, obviously, not completely replace a resume because you cannot fit all of the information that would be on a resume on a business card. There is just simply not enough space to do so. So, a business card can be incredibly beneficial in getting your name out there, but a resume will often be necessary if an employer is interested.

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