Free Banner Templates To Use When Building Websites

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Free banner templates for your website can be downloaded and customized, with relative ease, to advertise your business online. A web banner (or banner ad) is basically an online advertisement adorning a website and it’s usually short and wide or tall and narrow like its namesake from the pre-internet, olden days.

A web banner is made from an image (GIF, PNG, or JPEG) and when it’s well designed it can draw a lot of traffic. The banner can be embedded on your own website to draw potential customers to the particular products and services you offer, or your banner can be arranged to be placed on other websites so that when it’s clicked on there, it will bring that clicker onto your website. But you probably know all that already so let’s move along to where you can find these free templates to customize and make your own web graphics.

Templates Box has a very large selection of free banner templates but you will need to have Photoshop installed on your computer to work with their ready-made designs. This is a good resource, however, for the small business owner as it will serve all your website building needs. If you buy into their premium service you get a lot more options. Also worth checking out is the free animated banner generator at This site will prove to be very helpful in your banner-building endeavors.

There is a useful online banner creator at that allows you to pretty much build an ad for free from scratch using their system. It may take a few minutes to study and make sense of all the functions and the user interface of this free application.

There are 25 designs to choose from with easily navigated instructions at and if you want to access and customize a whole lot more templates, this site offers some very competitive prices.

Here is a free program that you don’t even have to download or install which allows you to customize templates to make three-dimensional text banners at

Utilize any of the above free sites listed above along with your logos and imagination to create the website banner that works best to advertise for your small business.