Thank You Cards for Funerals: Helpful Resources - What Should You Write?

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How to Write Thank You Cards for Funerals

This article is dedicated to making the best resources easily available to you for the process of generating special cards that thank folks for having attended the funeral of someone close to you that you recently lost. Since this is always a time wrought with the emotions associated with bereavement, I’d like to make this bittersweet task as easy as possible for you – especially when it is a sudden and unexpected loss. So we’ll get to the specifics of where you can obtain the appropriate amount of cards specifically made for this purpose or where you can design your own online in the section below. Then you can decide, given your circumstances and preferences, which method is best for you.

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First, we’ll look at a brief tutorial on what typically is included as far as the wording goes to make it easier for you to choose your design. The support shown by friends and family during a time of mourning to assist you in dealing with grief and loss is always greatly appreciated. But due to the fact that death releases such a torrent of emotions in a short, intense time period, it is often difficult to show appreciation and thanks for the people who help you through it while it’s taking place. That is where a brief yet poignant Thank You card can be so useful in recognizing the universality of death and the caring sense of community it creates.

  • To make it easier, save all the cards that come with gifts, flowers, or charity donations. Have a guest book at the funeral or wake that people can sign and give their address.
  • Give that job to another family member who is perhaps feeling the loss acutely. Giving them a task will be of great use to them.
  • All you need in the text is a few kind words expressing your appreciation for the loyalty and respect the people showed your loved one. If they performed a service in the ceremony, then you can simply add a personal note in writing under the text of the card.
  • A heartfelt conveyance of what their attendance, gift, sympathy card, or service meant to you is all you need include.
  • Don’t think you have to do it alone. Ask other family or friends to help you with this task. You will, in essence, be helping them as they help you.

Where to Buy or Create Thank You Cards for Funeral Attendees

Since people deal with loss in so many ways, these first couple of methods are for the folks who want to do this project themselves by designing and creating a customized card using software they have on their computer or online applications. Sometimes a project like this can be very cathartic.

Make Thank You Cards in Photoshop would be a good way to make a card if you are already proficient with this software application especially if you’d like to put your favorite picture of your lost one on the card itself. Microsoft Word can also be an option by customizing one of the templates of the software for Thank You cards to make it fit this somber occasion. When you open a new Word document, all your template options will appear in the dialog box.

Vistaprint is a good example of an online printing company that affords you the opportunity to design and customize a card utilizing one of their templates. Then they print them according to all your specifications and ship them all off to you quickly. There are other sites a quick Google search will provide to give you an idea of how many options there are along with the specific wording of the typed text. Your local print stores, whether it’s a mom and pop business or a big box store branch, can also assist you with this DTP project. Hallmark stores are another quick, easy choice.

Another convenient solution is the pre-printed Thank You cards many funeral homes provide their customers specifically for this purpose. That is plenty of options to choose from, but remember that people know you’re going through a tough time, so these cards don’t have to be personalized in great detail. Heart-felt thanks and appreciation is all that is needed.