Your Best Options for Software to Create Business Cards in Word

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Take Advantage of the Convenience of Using Microsoft Word to Make Business Cards

You may or may not know that you don’t even need any additional software besides Microsoft Word to make business cards. Using the capabilities already built in to the Word program is perhaps one of the simplest ways to create new cards for yourself. You’ll need a printer of course, access to the Internet to download templates form Microsoft Office Online, and the card stock to print your neat little rows of cards. In most cases, you can print ten at a time on specially designed paper (Avery is a well known brand) you can buy at any printing store or big box place like Staples or Office Depot. You’ll need paper like that for all the options below but just follow these steps to do it using only Word:

  • Open a new document from the Start Up menu on the bottom left of your screen.
  • Click on the Office button (top right).
  • New Document dialogue box appears with a long list of template choices on the left-hand side.
  • Scroll down to Business Cards.
  • In the new box, click on Print business cards.
  • All your choices appear before you with many different categories and types of businesses and industries available.
  • Choose the template that you like best and download it.
  • Once the template is downloaded simply customize it using all the capabilities inherent in Microsoft Word.
  • You’ll find an additional/alternative method to accomplish this task using this application by reading How to Create Business Cards Using Microsoft Word.

Third Party Software to Create Business Cards in Word

Online business card-maker software is a convenient option for this project. It simply involves downloading a software package (or just a template) from the Internet without the hassle of hard copy installations. You can also utilize the HP Creative Design Studio. This online software really is sharp, easy to use, and dependable. Free or premium options are available.

Software called Picnik is one sure option to go with that easily allows you to upload photos, graphics, and then use Word to manipulate your text. Laura Jean Karr does an excellent job taking you through a hypothetical card construction from start to finish in this Picnik Tutorial.

Bright Hub’s Microsoft Word expert extraordinaire, Camesha White, compiled a list of the top business card software and virtually all of those applications are compatible with Microsoft Word. You’ll find the best at Business Card Top Software. One click will link you to every option that is reviewed and listed there.

Are you more fond of Microsoft PowerPoint for accomplishing some of your DTP projects by any chance? You can use that Microsoft application to design and print business cards as well. To learn how; read How to Make Business Cards in PowerPoint

As you see from this resource guide you’ve got an incredible number of options which Bright Hub is happy to compile for your convenience. Just take a gander at each offering and decide which software will work best for you. All of them will create a professional looking business card infused with your own sense of style and identity.