Free Page Layout Software with the Easiest Tools and Features

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Nowadays, there is just as much free software as there is paid software. Free page layout software is perfect for the one-time project creator as well as for the green-horn graphic designer. Here is a list of some of the most popular, free and easiest page layout software applications.

Free Page Layout Software

OpenOffice – OpenOffice is the leader of free page layout software. Very similar to the Microsoft Office Suite, OpenOffice is capable of creating spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and other word processing documents. Due to its great resemblance to Microsoft, users have no problems becoming familiar with OpenOffice and feel right at home. OpenOffice users can all agree OpenOffice is the most helpful and easiest page layout software to work with. Installation is hassle-free and most importantly, this program can open files created in Word and other well-known word-processing programs. The OpenOffice suite contains the following components: Draw, Calc, Writer, Impress, and Base. OpenOffice is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Scribus – Scribus is designed specifically for page layout projects. Many users turn to Scribus not only because it is free, but its results are very comparable to the more high-end professional desktop publishing software. Scribus provides loads of resources, including community interaction to help beginners and experienced users with any problems they may run into during the page layout creation process. Scribus is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Inkscape – With the motto of Draw Freely, this is exactly what this free page layout software does, and because of this, it is the easiest page layout software to work with. With SVG support, easy to understand drawing, text, and shape tools, and other features of object creation and manipulation, this free page layout software is a favorite among desktop publishing users of all levels. Inkscape is only available for the Windows OS and Mac.

GIMP – GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation, is a program designed for creating, editing, and re-touching images. GIMP is compatible with the most used image formats, and has numerous other features and utilities including animation, painting, advanced scripting, and tons of plug-ins. GIMP is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

AbiWord – AbiWord is a word processing DTP program. AbiWord has been around for awhile, but wasn’t noticed until the more popular open source programs became a hit. The developers and manufacturers of this program are working constantly to ensure AbiWord is a cross-platform software. AbiWord is available for Windows, Mac, and Unix operating systems.

Don’t stress about finding the perfect DTP software to create a pamphlet, newsletter, or resume. Free page layout software is available for a variety of projects. Above is the top free page layout software in the desktop publishing industry today. Feel free to give them all a chance to see which program suits you and your work style best.