How to Make a Travel Brochure Free

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Bring Them to the Attention Zone Quick

So you want to know how to make a travel brochure free to showcase and promote the voyages your business or organization has to offer. You’ve journeyed to the right place for such a task. What you need to have ready for this creative process are all the materials you want shining brightly on this brochure to entice and enthrall potential travelers to jump on board to go where you want them to.

That means dazzling pictures in this case. Glossies depicting stunning settings are one sure way to capture attention quickly. In this day and age, that window of opportunity for generating interest is minimal due to the constant bombardment of offerings from so many different media sources. After drawing them in with the right pictures placed optimally; the content, including your headings and the wording of the text, is your next consideration. Know your audience and what appeals to them be it the place, the price, or the manner of travel.

Those content details are all on you because it’s your trip and you have to decide how best to endorse its merits. I think it would greatly behoove you to read Brochures 101: Ten Brochure Design Tips for First Timers for the important considerations laid out nicely for you there. Now, on to the brochure building.

How to Make a Travel Brochure Free: The Best Methods

Microsoft Word

Make sure you’re connected to the Internet first. Open Microsoft Word and click on the “Office Button” on the top left hand corner. From the drill down menu that appears. click “New” and a dialog box appears with options running all down the left hand side. One of them is “Brochures” so click on that and all of the available brochure templates will appear. One of them is a “Travel Brochure.” Download that template and follow the simple built-in instructions to customize it with text, graphics, logos, pictures and anything else you deem prudent to include. Proof read your results and print on the best available paper stock.

Microsoft Publisher plus Further Resources

If you already have Publisher installed on your computer than using it will obviously be free. This application can produce a really good brochure if you know how to use it. Even if you’re not familiar with it, the simple instructions laid out in Producing Pamphlets in Microsoft Publisher 2007 will teach you how. Convenient templates already have the frame work so all you have to do is customize.

To check out even more samples and template offerings available online which are user-friendly, I direct you to,, and You’ll most likely find one that comes very close to your purposes and specifications. HP Creative Design Studios also offers some free templates to work with too. With all of the above free resources at your disposal all that is left for you is to apply your creative input.