How to Create New Years Themed Posters Without Resorting to Party Hats or Other Cliches.

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Whether you are designing a poster for a company that wants to thank its customers for their holiday business, or a poster for a holiday-based event designed to help people bring in the fun, a good poster can make all of the difference. A corny poster with a cheesy hat and noise maker, however, can scream cliché. Not exactly the image that your clients want to present, unless they have a strong sense of irony, that is. If you want to learn how to make great New Years posters then try some of these tips.

The Tips

Choose Your Colors Wisely

When you are picking the colors for your poster you need to choose your colors very wisely. When it comes to New Years you have a few solid choices or your color pallets.

  • Black and white
  • Black or navy with silver and/or gold
  • Navy, white and gold

That is not to say that you can not go with a different color scheme if it fits the event or company image. Funky events or kid friendly companies could get by with a non traditional color scheme. You will have to use your best judgment on when this is good to go, and when you should stick with the traditional color schemes.

Choose Your Font Wisely

On a poster you get only a few words, but people will walk up to read it. This means that it is ok to enjoy a more ornate font. If you want something that will help you with your image on a New Years poster, then try a script or hand writing like font. This will give a very sophisticated feel to your poster.

Choose Less Cliché Images

Since obviously we need something a little bit less clip art, you should consider going to a photo stock place for your image. What are some good options:

  • Fireworks
  • People in silloutte form
  • Clocks
  • Any image relevant to the specific event

Please, pass on baby New Year. He is just as cliché as the hat.

Also, don’t forget about use. Sure you can just drop an image in a spot, but you could also make it transparent and use it as a full page background. Be creative, and you will be rewarded. Now, you can make a great New Years poster without resorting to any clichés.