Freedom of Information Act Request Form Easily Drafted Using Microsoft Word

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How to Make a Freedom of Information Act Request Form using Microwoft Word

If you find yourself in need of a freedom of information request form for your particular set of circumstances, utilize the simple set of instructions outlined in this tutorial to easily customize your own. All you will need is a very basic knowledge of Word, a printer, and good old fashioned paper. This process could be daunting without knowing what all it entails, but the purpose of this guide is to put a working example up on your screen in order that you simply rework some of the text to suit your specific needs and get the document to the right agency. So here we go:


Open your Microsoft Word application from your start up menu. A blank document will appear as “Document1”. This blank document would work nicely if you knew exactly how to format a letter that meets the specifications your typical government agency wants to see in a request for information by implementing your rights under the Freedom of Information Act. However, this Word tutorial conveniently bypasses those steps by placing a working letter written specifically for this stated purpose right in front of you. Intents, purposes, and the right language is what you’re looking for and that is what this guide delivers.


Click on your “Office Button.” It’s the top left labyrinth-looking icon on you blank document. Then from the drill down menu, click on “New.” A large dialogue box will appear with many template choices on the right but what you want to do is just type in “freedom of information request form” into their search mechanism, press return and that template pops right up for you.


Once the template is there in front of you, click on “Save As” from the “Office Button” and save this template under any name you see fit to. Now you have a good example to write your own request for you. Keep in mind that you’ll have to do a little research to find out some details and specifics according to which government agency you’re petitioning to. But aside from that, you have a preformatted letter on hand for which you merely have to type over the text to customize it.


It would be a good idea to consult with someone who has successfully received the information they sought from the agency you’re requesting information from with their own request form before you send your own completed form. Red tape and bureaucracies are notorious about the length of time it takes to process a request and you would be peeved indeed if yours got rejected because of a minor detail. After you’re satisfied with your form and have thoroughly proofed it, print it out and make sure you’ve got the right name and address to send it to. Good luck with your quest.