Step-by-Step Insturctions for Making Christmas Puzzles in Word

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Crossword Puzzle

Creating a crossword puzzle seems simple. After all, you’re only placing boxes on a page. This is true, but you must play close attention to the number of boxes and how the boxes cross or intersect with one another. To get started in Word, follow these steps:

  1. Click Insert.
  2. Click Shapes.
  3. Click the Textbox icon and draw the textbox.
  4. Copy and paste the textbox until you have created all of the textboxes needed. I would suggest doing a word at a time. This way is easier and it helps you keep track of what goes where.
  5. Add the numbered questions on the bottom half of the page. There should be two categories, Across and Down, and you’re done.


To do this click Columns, and then Two. In the left column enter an item and list the matching item in the right hand column. Pretty simple, but be sure to mix around the matching items so the matching items aren’t adjacent.

Word Search

  1. Click Table.
  2. Click Insert Table. Depending on the amount of words and the complexity level of the word search, your table size can vary.
  3. Insert the words and filler letters.
  4. Right-click on the table, select AutoFit, then AutoFit to Contents.
  5. Add the words to-be-searched at the bottom half of the page and your word search is complete.

More Christmas Puzzles

Here are more ideas. They are very simple and easy to create, so there is no need for directions.

Scramble. Mix up the letters. It can be Christmas carols, reindeer names, or any other Christmas related information.

Trivia Questions. Although this is always a good choice, it may not be such a great choice with younger children. I’ll leave this to your discretion.

Fill in the Blank. This isn’t exactly a child’s favorite either, but making it multiple choice will be easier for the children as it will prevent them from having to think too hard to find a single answer. Excessive thinking takes all of the fun out of the puzzle itself.


Creating and completing Christmas puzzles has been a fun activity for ages. Why not create a few for your children or students so you can focus on the most important thing, presents. We all know children love presents. As you create puzzles don’t forget to give rewards for those who complete a puzzle successfully. Have fun!