Created Assorted Bridal Stationary: A Guide foe Desktop Publishers

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So you have been commissioned to make a wedding invitation. That is a one piece project right? Wrong. A wedding invitation is rarely, if ever a stand alone invitation is a rare thing. Unless you have a bride that is buying the rest elsewhere you are going to have to get familiar with the whole set of bridal stationary. There are some of the items that you may be asked to produce.

Item You May Encounter

Response Card

This is a card where people send in a yes or a no response to attending with a number of guests. Usually business cards sized.

Menu selection card

This allows the guest to select their menu. It is only used if food is being served by hand. A buffet wedding willl not have these cards. Some couples combine this card with a response card.

Reception only Invitations

If someone is not going to the ceremony due to space, but are invited to the reception they will get a different invitation with different information.

Directions/Map card

A set of directions and a mini map to help people get from the ceremony to the reception site. Usually post card sized.


Sent to people who are not invited, but that the couple want to inform of the wedding.

Now that we have looked at what you may be asked to make let’s look at some tips for getting it right.

Creation Tips

* Use the fonts and colors from the invitation

* If graphics are used tie them into the ones on the invitation, except for the map.

* Remind the bride that response & meal cards need envelopes which are usually postage paid.

* Remember that bigger means bulkier and heavier which means more expensive postage and more possible postal processing errors.

Now you can do it all for your bride!

A Word On Registration Cards

Some brides may inquire about a registration card which tells guest where the couple is registered. These are usually done by the store. Just be warned, they are considered big etiquette no-no’s.