Save Money by Creating your Pamphlets Using Word

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Creating Your Pamphlet

Creating a pamphlet in Word is very easy. A common concern is the layout process. How can I format my text so that I can fold it properly? What is seldom understood is that the actual process of making the document into pamphlet form is the easiest part.

Before beginning to create the pamphlet you have two options. Type your content before creating your pamphlet or after. Whichever is easiest for you. The two types of basic pamphlet folding patterns are bi-fold and tri-fold. To begin creating your pamphlet click the Page Layout Tab located above the Ribbon.


  1. Click Columns
  2. Click Three. (If your content has been added to the document you will see the changes immediately. If you have not added your content, the ruler above the document will show a change in the margins. You can also select the Line between checkbox in the Columns dialog box to make it easier to differentiate between columns and later the lines will help with the folding process.)



  1. Click Columns.
  2. Click More Columns. (The columns dialog box will open with your options)
  3. In the Number of Columns enter 4.
  4. Click OK.


You can also alter the column size and other settings when in the Columns dialog box.

What Now?

Print them. Although regular paper is fine for local distribution, I would suggest using a high quality glossy paper for pamphlets that will be doing quite a bit of travel. The paper is very durable and most importantly your designs, fonts, etc will look great! To save money on your printing jobs read here.

Lastly, fold your pamphlets. If you chose to have lines between the columns, use the lines as a guide.

Where should I distribute my pamphlets?

There are quite a few options when deciding where and to whom your pamphlets should be distributed. A few options would be convenient stores, direct mail, family and friends, hotels, and tourist attractions. These options can vary depending on the content of the pamphlet.


Creating a pamphlet using Word easy and affordable. With very little work you can have a compact marketing tool, informative tool, or both.