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Brochure Overview

The free online brochure templates that are available on the Web enable the small business owner to produce a sharp looking piece of marketing material with whatever personal and creative style they want to inject in it. You will want to have your company information, company logo, and photos pertaining to your business available on your computer to insert into the template once you’ve downloaded it. A ready-made template makes this job so much easier and less time-consuming. The design and basic outline is already taken care of on each available template. Trying to reinvent the wheel and design your own brochure from scratch would take a lot of time unless you are well versed in desktop publishing and graphic design.

Upload your company photos onto the templates first and then format the text around it. Photos are the fastest way to convey to your potential customers whatever products or services you are offering. Sell your business with the text. Get creative and make sure all the information pertaining to how you can be contacted is prominently displayed. With that said, peruse the list below and decide which source might work best for you.

While were talking about small business marketing, maybe you should also consider the value of generating a newsletter with items related to the type of business you have along with your companies specific happenings. So refer to my article onmaking newsletters from free newsletter templates for another great way to drum up business.

Microsoft Office Online Templates

There are some good options for you to consider at Microsoft Office Online. Once there, you can choose from the available selections offered based upon the type of business you operate. There is a very large selection of templates available there to suit many of your needs.

Stock Layouts

I found some of the best free brochure templates on a user-friendly website at Stock Layouts. Once there, you can browse for the right template and also glean salient information about the process of customizing your brochure. This site also gives you links with insights into the best paper to use for printing. Moreover, they have a link for WinZip which is an application needed to open compressed files.

Alpha Graphic Design

More free templates were available at This is a comprehensive jumping off point for many desktop publishing projects with helpful hints on designing and inserting graphics and pictures on to your brochure.

HP Creative Studio

Perhaps you don’t know that HP has resources that can greatly benefit the small business owner other than hardware. Begin by perusing the available free templates the HP Creative Studio offers. Once you have found the brochure that you like best, follow the easy steps below to use your own materials to customize it exactly to your specifications. Keep in mind also that there are premium templates available that might have something you desire and can’t find amongst the free ones.