Want the Perfect School Activity for the Holiday? Create a Thanksgiving Trivia Game Using Word

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To begin open a new Microsoft Word document. Unless you have a healthy amount of Thanksgiving knowledge, I would suggest doing minor research to find facts for creating questions. Your questions can be filling in the blank, multiple choice, true/false, matching, or a mixture of them all. Be careful to not make your worksheet or activity more than ten questions. We don’t want the children to feel as if it’s an assignment. This should be a fun, educational experience.

Method #1

This is the easiest method. Just open a new Word document and type your questions as you would them to appear. I would only suggest using this method with older students, as it is rather bland and can appear boring to younger children. This would not be the best method to choose if you would like Options limited no matching

Method #2

Two columns. This method gives you more room to experiment. To create two columns, click the Page Layout tab located above the Ribbon, Columns, and then Two. (i.e. For multiple choice questions, place the questions in the left column and the choices in the right column.) Play around with the layout a bit to get a feel for how the cursor travels from column to column and page to page. To satisfy your creative urge, create a worksheet using three columns. Just follow the same rules as above.

I have added a few questions below to get you started (feel free to alter the form in any way you see fit):

  1. What month and year did the Pilgrims arrive, or when does Canada celebrate Thanksgiving? (Give 4 different dates to choose from. Of course one being the answer.)
  2. Is a chicken the official Thanksgiving bird? (True or False)
  3. The first Thanksgiving dinner was held in ? (Fill in the blank.)
  4. What is the name of the ship the Pilgrims arrived on? (Multiple choice, fill in the blank, etc.)
  5. What ocean did the Pilgrims sail across to reach North America? (Multiple choice, fill in the blank, etc.)

Putting together a Thanksgiving trivia activity for your children or students is a great way for them to celebrate the nation’s holiday and most importantly learn some important facts!