Free Thanksgiving ClipArt

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Finding clipart and images to commemorate your holiday season can sometimes be a hassle. To help relieve some of the pressure, I have listed some websites below who offer free Thanksgiving clipart. Don’t worry, there is no membership or registration needed for these sites. Dive in!

This site is the easiest to navigate. All of the available Thanksgiving clipart will be on one page so there isn’t a lot of clicking through pages and wasting time looking at clipart that you do not want. Just scroll to the bottom and you’re done.

The site has the over 700 images but proceed with caution as some images are on the verge of actually qualifying as an image one would use for Thanksgiving.

This is another easy to navigate site. There is a nice classic selection of free Thanksgiving clipart all on one page.

The images here are nice, but extra information such as hits, size, and ratings causes the site to seem somewhat cluttered. I’ll let you decide.

Provides a healthy selection of clipart images. There are also links to view images of or relating to Thanksgiving scenery, etc.

This site does not offer much of a selection in the clipart category. When this site opens, click Thanksgiving images instead. I believe the images to be a bit small, but this can always be altered on any desktop publishing program. Most importantly this site also has free Thanksgiving backgrounds , images, and borders.

This site has over 200 free Thanksgiving clipart images to choose from.

This site has the most clipart choices I’ve seen on one site. With over ten sets (pages) of free Thanksgiving clipart, this site can definitely be a one stop shop for all of your decorating needs .

Although there aren’t many images to choose from, they are of good quality and larger than those available on other sites.

Celebrate your Thanksgiving season with the comfort and pride in knowing you have saved money and made the holiday memorable for you and your family. To begin creating these memories, start your collection of free Thanksgiving clipart by visiting a few of the sites above.