How to Make a Thanksgiving Ecard with Microsoft Publisher

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Upon opening the Publisher program you can choose one of the three options below to display the Thanksgiving ecard templates:

  • Click Greeting Cards in the left side panel
  • Click Greeting Cards in the middle pane
  • In the Search for templates box type “thanksgiving”

After being presented with the Thanksgiving greeting card template options, choose which card you like best. Select it. The card will appear in the right side panel and you will be allowed to make changes to the selected template before deciding if it is the template you want. Here you can alter the color, font, page size and layout. The page size and layout options are of great importance if you would like to add you own flare to the Thanksgiving ecard, and give it a more professional look. Feel free to play around a bit here.

After making all of the desired changes to the chosen card, click Create. The card will open in the existing window. This is where you can make more specific changes to the formatting, etc. If at any time you would like to change the card template, click Change Template.

My favorite feature, although I don’t use it so much, is the Suggested Verse. This feature provides pre-made verses for your card. To insert a suggested verse, look to the left side bar and under the Greeting Card Options tab, click Select a suggested verse… (.) A dialog box will open and your Thanksgiving card options will be displayed. There will be two boxes, one has the contents of the first message (front) and the second one has the contents of the second message (inside). The only issue with this feature is not having the ability to edit the pre-made verse. When you have chosen a verse, click OK and your changes will be saved. To view the changes, there will be the numbers 1 through 4 below the card, click them to see the front, inside and back of the card.

When you are done making changes, click Ctrl+S to name and save your Thanksgiving ecard.

Sending a Thanksgiving ecard will not only put a smile on the recipient’s face, but you will feel good knowing your work and caring thoughts were expressed and appreciated.