I Need a Template for an Open House Flyer: Ask and You Shall Receive

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Build It and They Will come

Folks have said to me “I need a template for and open house flyer” so here’s an article dedicated to that specific purpose. An open house flyer template contains the raw materials you need already formatted to produce a working flyer rapidly so you can get the word out. It’s an online flyer sample laid out professionally in order for you to customize it with all the details, images, and specifications of the particular real estate you want to sell. Using one is a great idea if you’re looking to save some money instead of outsourcing the task of creating a good-looking flyer that highlights the home and property you have to offer to the would-be buyers in the market. Small business owners and homeowners alike can find a lot more cost-saving marketing ideas on Bright Hub too. If you need any kind of document like a fax cover letter, for instance, just type that into our search function and a sound solution will pop right up for you.

Incidentlally, should you be interested in some great tips of the trade from professional photographers who focus on show casing real estate from the best perspective, be sure and read Techniques in Real Estate Photography.

Here are the easy steps you should follow to make a flyer listing for new real estate:

1) Start by accessing the available and free Word listing templates offered at Microsoft Office Online. This link also has a great tutorial with hints and tips about planning and executing a successful open house.

2) Browse this collection of templates offered and choose the best one that is geared toward your purpose with the layout, design, and color scheme you want. Check each template for the available options it has.

3) Click on the title of that template (it will then appear on its own for a closer inspection), then click “Download” after which you simply agree to their user license agreement. (You might have to install an Active X plug in for Internet Explorer if you don’t already have it but if you have any problems here, the instructions to update or fix the problem pops up.)

4) Open the free template you downloaded in Word and follow the simple instructions to upload your photos onto the template first, and then format the text around it that describes exactly what you want to sell and how to contact you. You can upload photos with the easy instructions here. Sell your business with the text or keep the family cohesive with an endearing story. Either way, use your creativity.

5) Manipulate the color scheme, insert your text with the font style and size you want, and make any other applicable changes you see fit.

6) Proof the document and print it. Suggestions for paper and other advice to make it look great are available.

Once you have your listing ready to send out to the buyers in waiting, the process of making the next one or more if necessary is that much easier.