Please Consider these Natural Cures for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Helpful Exercises

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Natural cures for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) abound and the more proactive you are at accepting and dealing with this aggravating, numbing, tingling, and painful condition, the better off you will feel. I have it myself so some of the things mentioned here have worked to alleviate the pain and discomfort of my own symptoms. Of course all of the preventative measures discussed in part 2 of this series apply to reducing the symptoms of CTS as well but I won’t repeat what is already written there. Surgery is also an option for the more serious conditions but it’s rather debilitating and often it has to be repeated in a few years so that should be your last resort. However, your doctor is obviously far more qualified than I to consider whether you should take this course.


First off, yoga is an excellent method of alleviating the aggravating symptoms due to the proper stretching and flexibility of muscles and tendons. Proper alignment of the body is a goal of yoga and a lot of proper work can be done for the wrists and hands when you alert a knowledgeable yoga teacher about your condition. All the sitting and daily operations of modern life conspire to put our bodies out of alignment and this ancient practice full of wisdom and equanimity counteracts all that harmful stress to your body. By keeping those muscles correctly situated and building strength, you won’t be as negatively affected by long hours of sitting at a computer which we know is inevitable. Read this series; Yoga Has Far-Reaching Benefits on Your Physical and Mental Well-Being, to learn how this fitness discipline can transform your life let alone lessen the pain and frequency of wrist trouble. My symptoms, for the most part, disappeared after I began consistently practicing Iyengar Yoga with a highly-qualified teacher.

Wrist Exercises

  • To get the circulation flowing and induce relaxation shake your wrists gently, flopping them freely for 10 - 20 seconds.
  • Rotations: gently move your wrists 5-10 times clockwise and repeat counter-clockwise.
  • Put one arm straight out perpendicular to your body with the palm facing outward. Then use the other hand to stretch back the fingers of the outstretched arm. Again gently, yanking will do you more harm than good. Spend five seconds for each figure than switch to the other arm.
  • Try to get this in once or twice a day and combine it with one of the eye exercises we’ll get to in the next article.


Acupuncture is believed to not only open the blocked causeways preventing the proper flow of energy through your body, but also in releasing naturally occurring pain relievers in your body. This ancient Chinese medicinal practice entails putting needles in pressure points so if that makes you cringe a similar technique called Acupressure works on essentially the same principles by just applying pressure to the same points by professionals in the field. Many attest to these treatments, done in several sessions, greatly relieving CTS symptoms and in some cases, eradicating the ailment all together.

Vitamins Known to Help Relieve CTS

  • Vitamin B6 and B12
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium.


Wobenzym and Bromelain are two enzymes that are known to reduce tissue swelling. Many swear by salsa and carpal tunnel syndrome symptom relief as well.


Some sufferers of CTS swear by the anti-inflammatory, healing powers of oils. By combining 13 drops of Lavendar, Eucalyptus, and Marjoram with a massaging oil such as Arnica and then rubbing it on the wrist hand, and forearm you can create a balm that relieves the symptoms. Why 13 drops? Don’t worry about that just live in the mystery.

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