Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with the Tips Presented Here

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Tips for Preventing CTS

  • Be mindful to not grip your hands or wrist or cause any tension from your forearms to your fingertips not only when you’re typing or basically doing anything else. You might be surprised to find that you’re doing this without even realizing it. Awareness is the first step on the journey of prevention and healing.

  • Try not to rest your wrists on hard surfaces for long periods of times like when you’re using a lap top on a table. Lift your hands from the surface every so often, make a gentle fist with one hand and cup it into the other one. Then rest your chin on this formation and command the oxygen you breathe into the wrists, fingers, and palms to assuage any tautness or swelling in there. Yogis have known for thousands of years that every human cell has a brain and with subtle cultivation you can bring your awareness to any portion of your body that needs attention. Now scientists with their endless experiments believe this too; skeptical lot that they are.

  • So keep those wrists elevated (there are products on the market which provide cushioning support rests) and keep them straight.

  • Make sure that your chair’s height is such that it keeps your forearms on the same level as the keyboard and you don’t have to extend or flex those wrists when typing.

  • Your arms should never be too close or too far away from your body when working with your hands, which leaves you with the option of “just right” Goldilocks.

  • Switch hands when performing tasks like stapling or collating. Incidentally, working with tools that are too big for your hands can increase risk, so rid your office of such implements.

  • Take periodic breaks and let the forearms, wrists, and hands relax.

  • Learning to manage stress through something like Yoga is extremely beneficial. Many postures on the matt emphasize the proper alignment of the hands, wrists, and spine which will prevent damage to the carpal tunnel. That mind body connection is of paramount importance. Read Yoga Has Far-Reaching Benefits on Your Physical and Mental Well-Being to glean a little bit about just how remarkably rewarding Yoga can be. The practice of yoga and the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome are very closely linked. My yoga practice has significantly reduced to pain and discomfort of my own CTS.

  • Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time.

  • Avoid protracted, elaborate sword fights with the person in the next cubicle even if they did pilfer from your lunch box or they booby-trapped your desk again.

  • Bending and extending the wrists frequently is bad.

  • Maintaining a healthy life style and weight has been shown to reduce the risks and instances of CTS. Studies have shown that obesity is a causal factor for CTS.

  • Certain diseases such as; diabetes, autoimmune diseases, connective tissue disorders, and hormonal conditions (pregnancy/postpartum) make CTS more likely so get treatment for them with your doctor or you’ll be in double trouble.

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