These Ergonomic Exercises for Computer Users Can Prevent/Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Eye Strain

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the Activities that Can Trigger It

This first article gives you a general idea of what carpal tunnel syndrome is so that you can use this knowledge as a foundation for the tips you will then receive in order to avoid it. Learning a little about that tightly wound batch of bones, tendons, nerves and muscles in your wrist will help you understand why some activities cause the inflammation and aggravation that cause CTS. The desktop publisher will become aware of the activities and hazards in their workplace that contribute to the onset of this ailment. Once you’re aware of them you’re ready for the next article detailing prevention techniques.

A Guide to Preventing CTS

This piece teaches you some exercises to do so that you can keep from ever getting carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrist, which you learned all about in the preceding article. Avoid the pain, numbness, and tingling by taking these precautions. Here, you’ll find helpful suggestions for setting up your office so that it is the most ergonomically correct to keep from agitating that median nerve in your carpal tunnel. Learn how to position your arms while you’re working and where to rest those forearms. Become aware of how the gripping and tensing of hands, wrists, and arms will negatively affect you and work mindfully to stay relaxed.

Natural Cures for CTS Plus Fitness Disciplines, Exercises, and Supplements to Alleviate Symptoms

This article provides useful natural cures for carpal tunnel syndrome which abound. It will teach you to be proactive in managing this condition and good ways to mitigate the symptoms of numbing, tingling, and pain CTS causes in the wrist, hand and arm. I have CTS myself so some of the things mentioned here have worked to lessen and even erase the pain and discomfort. Wrist exercises for ergonomic balance, yoga, vitamins, oils, herbs, and minerals all chosen for their healing powers are discussed in this article.

Eye Exercises for Sharp Focus

The final article deals with the important issue of proper eye care which long hours staring at computer screen call for. Learn some great techniques to lessen the harm that all that ogling does to a desktop publishing professional.

This post is part of the series: Ergonomically Corect Desktop Publishers

This series offers knowledge, tips, and exercises to deal with or prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and minor eye sight problems which can become more serious without practicing the habits described here. Before you spend another day at the computer, please read this.

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