These Rental Agreement Templates are the Gateway to Quickly Gain Landlord Status

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Rental agreement templates are found online and make the process of drawing up an agreement between landlord and tenant quick and simple. In this tough economy, many folks are finding it prudent to rent out some portion of their house or perhaps another living space they’re in possession of to make ends meet. Whatever the case may be, there are resources on the Web where you can download one of these agreement templates into a program like Microsoft Word in order to insert the details and particulars of your renting arrangement.

Having an agreement template serves the dual purpose of having a sample to work off of in front of you. That way you’ll become familiar with the essential format, clauses, and provisions that should be included.

Legally Speaking

The following are pertinent resources which give good advice about renting to protect the landlord and introduce you to the correct terminology. Laws governing the landlord and tenant/lessor and lessee relationship differ from state to state which is just one of the considerations you’ll be made aware of on one of these highlighted sites managed by legally minded folks. So let’s get right to these sources so you can start working on your template to make it your own.

One good source for your leasing documentation needs is A handy wizard walks you through the process and has you insert all the relevant information clause by clause making customization a breeze. Once you’re through answering all the questions regarding each provision, a final document (working agreement) is created to proofread and print.

Another good and trusted resource is at On this site, there is a link to learn the laws in whatever state you live in. Some basic and helpful information is right up front to give you an idea about the fundamentals of a rental agreement (i.e. identifying parties, terms, conditions, monies, occupancy, security deposit, violations, etc.,). There is also a free sample lease agreement available. is another source with free legal forms (agreements and contracts) that you can download and edit along with cheap services that cover straight forward leasing operations.

Free Rental Agreement Templates has an impressive array of downloadable templates for all sorts of agreements and documents which fall under the auspices of desktop publishing whether the user knows it or not. On this site, folks share documents by uploading them for public use. In most cases, the agreements have worked well for the person donating it and therefore they pass it along.

Go to and type “rental agreement template” using their search function field. Click on a few to get an idea about terminology and format. is also conveniently linked in with other sites in the form of Google Ads with companies that cater to the state you’re living in. It may be worth your while to take a gander at one of those sites. When you find the document you like on, just click on download which is up in the top right of your screen. From there, it’s just a matter of customizing the agreement with your addresses, names, and provisions.

Microsoft Office Online has a decent selection of free rental agreement templates as well as a couple of other ready-made documents pertaining to a rental situation such as a ‘Rental Application” and a “Notice to Tenant to Make Repairs.” These templates are a cinch to download and customize using Microsoft Word or Publisher, whatever the case may be.

Incidentally, this Bright Hub Channel has templates for virtually any of your small business or personal needs. For instance, if you want to create a flyer to advertise your rental space in a place where you’d like to draw a tenant from, learn how to make a flyer by reading The Best Free Flyer Templates On the Web.