How to Use Photoshop's Photomerge

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To begin, click File, Automate, and then Photomerge. The Photomerge dialog box will appear. Your options will be divided into two sections: Layout and Source Files.


There are six options here: Auto, Perspective, Cylindrical, Spherical, Collage, and Reposition. Next to each option is a thumbnail representation of how your image will appear after making the selected changes. When you have made a decision, select the corresponding circle.

Source Files

In this section, in the Use field, choose whether you would like to upload Files or a Folder. Click Browse. If you are searching for a file, by default, the Open dialog box will appear allowing you to choose which image you would like to use. If you choose the folder option, the Select Folder dialog box will open for you to choose the folder you would like.

To add more images, repeat the previous steps. If you would like to add the current image or images to your Photomerge, you can click Add Open Files at any time. Be sure the images are saved or you will be prompted to save them before adding them. Also, located here is the Remove function. To remove a file from the merging process, simply select it, and then click Remove. Checkboxes will appear with the options below:

  • Blend Images together

This option is self explanatory; it simply blends all images you’ve chosen together. Photoshop is well known for creating panoramas. If you plan to design a panorama, it best to leave this box unchecked.

  • Vignette Removal

This feature removes or lessens the brightness of the image.

  • Geometric Distortion Correction

This tool corrects any warps or distortions that may be present in the native image.

After making desired changes and you have included all images you would like to be merged, click OK. Your images will begin to load. If your images are stacked or not arranged the way you would like, simply use the Move to rearrange them.

Although using the Photomerge tool can seem somewhat intimidating at first, learning how to use this feature is easy and can add a lot of excitement to your project.