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In this series, I’ve already covered the numerous marketing materials available free online in template form such as flyers , brochures, and business cards. Also useful in are the many business forms which can be downloaded and used when you need them. I encourage you to utilize our search function to find a template for anything you might need. Our worthy collection of resume templates for many specific professions and career situations might also be of great use to you.

But no matter where you are in life, staying in good shape should be a priority in helping you maintain mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. And in all our endeavors, being organized is a key component in maintaining a copasetic balance and an environment where goals can be worked for incrementally or even in quantum leaps.

A printable workout routine is a template designed for you to easily insert your personal information, track your progress with the fitness regimen you choose so that ultimately you can achieve and maintain a fit condition.

In this article the focus is on strength training exercises. Keeping track of the type of exercise you’re doing for a certain muscle group, the amount of weight you’re using, along with the number of sets and repetitions for each and every exercise is essential to monitoring your progress and keeping you motivated. That is why a printable template that has all that typed out so you just write in the information that will vary (mostly weight amounts) on the template which allows plenty of space for this purpose.

A good template resource is available at which has some good information, tips, and guides to help you plan the appropriate regimen for you along with diet and nutrition advice to maximize your efforts. Microsoft Office Online has some good templates for strength workouts which allow you to keep track of what exercises you’re doing, what weight you’re using and aspire to, along with the numbers for sets and repetitions. It’s also worth your while to check out the selection at to see what they have to offer. There are other good sources to and with a little researching you can find the perfect plan for you.

For more advanced capabilities in tracking your progress check out the software available which you would have to pay for but might be worth your while because of all the in-depth resources built-in to the applications. Perform Labs and Linear software are just two options in that realm.

This post is part of the series: Free Templates for a Healthier Life

This series provides free template resources for tracking your physical fitness endeavors. Use them to create and maintain a healthy body which in turn will sharpen your mind to improve the quality of your desktop publishing work and your life in general.

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