Free Graduation Party Invitation Templates for Microsoft Word: Download Themes, Add Photos, and Format Text

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Graduations mark a profound point in a person’s life and therefore they should be celebrated with friends and family. Whether the student in your life burned the midnight oil to graduate with high honors or they chose the riskier route of the slacker and barely made it, a back yard barbeque is definitely in order.

There’s no use buying invitations when you can whip up one quickly and then print out as many of them as you need. Just use the graduation party invitation template listed below by downloading it into Microsoft Word and typing over the generic text with your party time and place. Then it’s just a matter of dumping them in the mail. This article will teach you exactly how to accomplish this.

Microsoft Office Online has invitation templates available for parties all season long if you didn’t know that: the Holiday Season, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and some blank designs for you to fill in any old occasion you wish to celebrate are available. With a template, the general outline is already there so all you have to do is add your own personal touch to suit your purposes.

Here are the easy steps you should follow:

1) Start by accessing this Graduation party invitation offered at Microsoft Office Online.

2) Browse the search function for the other summer party invitations if you don’t like this design.

3) Click on the title of that template (it will then appear on its own for a closer inspection), then click “Download” after which you simply agree to their user license agreement. (You might have to install an Active X plug in for Internet Explorer if you don’t already have it but if you have any problems here, the instructions to update or fix the problem pops up.)

4) Open the free template you downloaded in Word and follow the simple instructions to upload any photos onto the template first, and then format the text around it. You can upload photos with the easy instructions here. Manipulate the color scheme, insert your text with the font style and size you want, and make any other applicable changes you see fit.

5) Proof the document and print it. Suggestions for paper and other advice to make it look great are also available.