How to Write a Term Paper Using Word 2007 Compare and Review Tools

How to Write a Term Paper Using Word 2007 Compare and Review Tools
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To begin this online free advanced Microsoft Word 2007 tutorial to help you write your paper, click the Review tab. The options on the Ribbon will change and present you with sections to assist you with the writing process. The sections are as follows: Proofing, Comments, Tracking, Changes, Compare, and Protect. There isn’t any particular order in which to use the features, but below is the most effective and efficient way to create your paper.

Research. This is always the first step to writing anything. This feature provides you with information from a variety of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other translation services.

Track Changes. Enable this feature as early into the document as possible. To enable it, simply click Track Changes. A drop down menu will appear, click Track Changes again to begin. There is a variety of choices consisting of showing, markup, and reviewing pane options.

Comments. The command name speaks for itself. With this tool, you can insert comments or small notes to yourself about a particular sentence, paragraph, or topic. This feature also allows you to delete comments and navigate through them when needed.

Word Count. Using this feature can save you a lot of time. This should be done periodically to keep track of where you are, and so you can make changes accordingly. If your assignment requires 1500 words, the last thing you want is to complete your paper (or think you have completed your paper), only to find out that the word count is 1100 words.

Accept or Reject. This option allows you to decide which changes (if you enabled Track Changes) you would like to keep or do away with.

Spelling and Grammar. Although first on the Ribbon, this is the last action that should be performed. This option guides you through your document finding all spelling and/or grammatical errors. You should not depend on this feature to find all errors in your document. Make sure to perform a final check of your own.

More Review Options:

Thesaurus. This tool is handy for all writers. If you are having problems finding the correct words to explain your point, this option is your savior. You can access the Thesaurus from the Ribbon, or simply right click and click on Synonyms.

Translate: If writing a paper for a foreign language course this feature is perfect. There is also a thesaurus for foreign languages. This option is also available from the right click menu.

Compare. Allows you to compare your document with another, or combine revisions from multiple authors into a single document.

Protect Document. Allows you set restriction settings, such as who can review or make changes to your document. This feature is very beneficial for group projects.

After reviewing this Microsoft Word 2007 free tutorial and making sure your document is in tip-top shape, having literally crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s, your term paper should be good to go.

Image of the Review Toolbar / Ribbon