offers Free Online Templates for certificates, brochures, and business cards

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Free online templates are excellent resources for the savvy desktop publisher to customize. Free templates are also extremely useful to folks looking to create a particular piece of material such as certificates, brochures, and business cards when they don’t even know that what they’re doing is engaging in desktop publishing. The fact is; templates make production easier because you don’t have to start from scratch and go through the lengthy and sometimes involved design process to create what you’re looking for.

A template has the design structure already laid out for you. All you have to do is download the template and customize it with any text, photos, and graphics you deem appropriate. Tweak the fonts, colors, and other features that can be changed. Some of these templates are completely blank though to give you a lot more creative design leeway if that is what you desire.

First off, be aware that these templates can only be downloaded into Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, and QuarkXPress software programs. There are a few guidelines you must read and agree to when you arrive at the home page.

These are some of the certificate templates offered for use in Adobe Illustrator; recognition, membership, appreciation, and excellence. A bevy of letterhead options plus various types of postcards and invitations will be found there also.

The materials you can produce from templates you download into Microsoft Publisher include business cards, faxes, gift certificates, and labels.

When you click on the selections to work with in QuarkXPress you’ll find the mother lode. Items such as brochures of different sizes, folds, and orientations are there. In the same vein you can make newsletters and post cards. There are templates for business cards, calendars, many different kinds of envelopes, labels, and letterhead. You’ll also find some noteworthy novelty templates that you might not find anywhere else like menus, CD labels, and cassette labels (ancient technology).