Create Free Business Cards Using Quark XPress

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Getting Started

Quark Tutorial:

First open a new Quark document:

Then once you have your new document open, draw a couple of frames for your business cards. Standard size is about 4.25 wide by 2.25 high.

First step:

Find or create a logo. Since you’re freelancing, you probably don’t have a logo. That’s okay, just find a piece of clip art that shows what you do. My sample business cards are for someone who would work as a web page designer, so I used a mouse. Draw a picture box inside your business card frame and import your art.

Step 2: Draw a text box and put in your information. Name, title, phone numbers, email addresses. You will want to make your name in a font that is bigger and that stands out. Adding a primary color, like red or black to your name will also make it stand out. Then make your title a different font, one that contrasts.

Do a separate text box for your contact information. It’s just easier that way. I also did a separate box for the address.

Step 3: Put a frame around your card, if you’d like. You don’t have to do this, but you might like the way it looks.

Step 4: Group all of the elements of your card together, and then duplicate the card several times on your page for printing purposes. If you are printing them on a special paper for business cards, check the paper to determine how many business cards will print on each page and then duplicate the card the appropriate number of times so it will print on your business card paper.

Printing your Cards

Now that you’ve created a great looking card for free, you might be tempted to cut some costs by skimping on your paper.

Think again!

You’re trying to make an impression, right? You should buy some business card paper, or at least stock that is the weight of business card paper, to print them on. But first, you don’t want to be cutting out just one or two, do you? No, you’ll want a lot. So group your completed business card together and duplicate it several times on your printing page.

You can usually find business card paper in any store that sells print paper, whether you’re at an office supply store like OfficeMax or Staples or even at your local Wal-Mart.

It is best, however, to test print your cards on regular paper, or on just one sheet of the business card paper before you go on to print multiples. You don’t want to waste your pricey business card paper if your cards aren’t lined up properly.

Another decision to make is what you want your final product to look like. There are business card papers that rip apart, but they leave rough edges. Opt for a paper that leaves a smooth edge if you want your cards to look professional

And when you hit the print button, make sure you use your printer’s highest quality setting, and that you have plenty of ink for the project. This isn’t a time to skimp.