How to Make a Resume With Microsoft Word

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Building a resume is a whole lot easier when you have a blueprint that already tells you what you need to put where for so many different job-seeking scenarios. Microsoft Word has a built in means of producing a highly effective work/life history from one of their many templates. Follow the straightforward steps highlighted in the tutorial below to assist you with resume design using Word.

  1. Open Microsoft Word by clicking on the icon for it in your “Start” menu on the bottom left-hand corner of your computer screen. A blank document will appear on your screen.
  1. Click the “Office Button” on the top left-hand icon of your screen. A drill down menu will appear with “New” at the top of the list. Click on “New” which will present you with a long list of templates on the left hand side.

  2. Click on “Resumes.” A new box will appear and you will be given three general categories to choose from: Basic; Job-specific; and Situation-specific resumes. Choose wisely.

  1. Search for the Microsoft Word resume option that suits your needs best but also take a good look at any of the samples that seem applicable because it’s good to have an idea of all that you need on a particular kind of resume. In some cases, you need more information under one category then in another. These templates are specifically designed for certain situations or specific industries so all you have to do is insert your personal experience under the prefabricated headings and sub-headings. Furthermore, it’s good to have several different versions of it to cover all contingencies.

  2. Peruse the options by clicking on the title or the image of the template itself. Click on the template that best serves your purposes.

  3. Click on “Download” located under the template you decided upon. The template will then download for you to open up and work with in Word.

  4. From here it’s only a matter of customizing the text and tweaking the format to your specifications. Play with it to showcase your strengths and experience in the best possible light. Word is quite self-explanatory but if you do have any questions about a feature use their help feature to get an answer. Save your finished product and print it out using the recommended options. Proof it well.